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I Want to Go to Chernobyl

After watching the HBO/Sky Atlantic series, yes I wanna go and see the power plant and Pripyat for myself. I see they do guided tours INSIDE the plant too. Count me in. That would be my perfect holiday!

I must be a ghoul or something, but it's fascinating despite the human suffering and misery it caused.
There is Russian bloke on you tube who explained a lot about that day, what HBO got right and wrong, and his personal experience, it is really interesting. Especially hearing it from his side.
KatyB · F
[@446022,Bushmanoz] Yeah, I've seen that. But regardless, I know HBO had to have some poetic licence to tell the story, but I think they did it justice with the miniseries?

They seemed to capture the sombreness of the incident and clear up.
DownTheStreet · 51-55, M
Good friend of mine went. Said it’s wonderfully creepy
DownTheStreet · 51-55, M
[@801038,KatyB] midnight at Chernobyl is a good read, expands kn everything the hbo series covered, and corrects a few things that were changed to make it easier to follow in tv
KatyB · F
[@325552,DownTheStreet] Did you do the same as me, and go on a Chernobyl adventure after the series? Cos I read Lyudmilla's story in that. To be honest, I couldn't read any more after hers. So horrific!
DownTheStreet · 51-55, M
I haven’t gone, someday I will. It was horrible but captivating. I enjoy stories of disasters.[@801038,KatyB]
SW User
There's a guy that goes deep into the core taking pics and vids, he's an ex employee with a YouTube channel it's really amazing!!!
KatyB · F
[@449448,Margarite] I know. I've seen some of their stuff.
SW User
[@801038,KatyB] would be amazing to see!
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
WhYZ NOTz JUZt go hunbieZ anDZ roLez arounDz In the reactorZ, CanTZ do ur WimeNZ BraiNz anDZ more harMz
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
[@467787,DonaldTrumpet] Can anyone translate this for me? It's like the bloke types with just his forehead
KatyB · F
[@446022,Bushmanoz] He's a uneducated buffoon. Probably punched down on the keyboard like a caveman would have done! Shows the intelligence of the left, doesn't it? They were never told as kids "If you have nothing constructive to say, then keep your gob shut!"
Spokeskitties75 · 46-50, M
Just be careful!!!!

[i]You could put another hole in your tights... just sayin 🤷‍♂️[/i]
KatyB · F
[@362821,Spokeskitties75] I think I'd be more worried about a hole in my leg from radiation than that!! 🤣
Spokeskitties75 · 46-50, M
[@801038,KatyB] 😂 just a serious side note:

On YouTube, there is a channel called [i]The Proper People[/i]... It’s these two guys that (illegally) go to abandoned places and film it. They do all sorts of places... hospitals, Asylums, jails, amusement parks, factories... and yes... even Nuclear facilities... just a thought, check it out... it’s interesting.
Are you sure you want to expose yourself to that much radiation, even for a short time?
KatyB · F
[@176592,PhoenixPhail] It's safe to go there for upto 2 days. I've seen the tours on YT, and they have them kitted out with geigercounters and everything, so it measures the total dose you've taken in. Besides, what's life for if you don't live it?
[@801038,KatyB] I'm glad you've checked it out. And you're right about living life. Go For It! 💗
Asificair · M
Tours? How enterprising i hope the proceeds are going to those affected by the disaster waiting to happen.
what are you waiting for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
[@739875,Peacefulpanda] ?

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