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I'Ve Been Blocked
I appear to have been blocked by someone I enjoyed chatting with - I have no idea why other than the fact I've not been online for a couple of days.
It's a shame I didn't get to explain.
SW User
If there was not explanation, or nothing obvious to why you've been blocked, then it's not probably worth worrying about it. Better that you stopped contact with that person now, because you might have become too close, and later on, she/he would have done the same thing to you.
ukdivereseguy · 56-60, M
I've never been blocked before so it was strange to come to send a reply but not be able to - ah well a lesson learned I guess.
i understand your feelings, have faced the same with two of them. 🙄
Maggimay · 41-45, F
Hate it when people do that. They think its all about "them" and foget to realise that we all have lives outside SW
Maggimay · 41-45, F
[c=#003BB2]whats this life outside SW that I am referring too 🤔[/c]
ukdivereseguy · 56-60, M
@Maggimay: Yes it's all a bit of a shame but you live & learn I guess
BeautifulSurprise · 41-45, F
Salix75 · 41-45, F
Unfortunately it happens sometimes. But the issue is usually with them - not you.
WaltzingMatilda · 51-55, F
You poor man. This person ought to be ashamed of themselves.
ukdivereseguy · 56-60, M
I felt pretty sad that's for sure.
WaltzingMatilda · 51-55, F
@ukdivereseguy: I'm sure there's a way to contact them if you feel that way go on grab the bull by the horns!
me to I know how u feel
stluke · 56-60, M
dont worry about it people can be very strange here

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I'Ve Been Blocked
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