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1. USA born, I love my country, or at least her naked form; the dress she is wearing makes her look like a prostitute.

2. It's obvious govt sells herself to the highest bidder; Bill Gates is her current (main) pimp..

3. There is no damage that has been done to us or our children that is ""IRREVERSIBLE ""..

4. YALL NEED TO STOP JUST CONSTANTLY POSTING POSTS AFTER POST OF SEPARATE IDEAS AND GET SOME FRIGGIN UNITY BUILDING IN HERE. (This page looks like a portal used tag and track us, more than it looks like a tool to help us.

5. You cannot be participating with a system and telling others to fight with you against what your still apart of; it's called being a hypocrite and it makes you look stupid and unserious.

6 . If your not convinced enough to quit your job, let your shit go and throw on a backpack and go.. you ain't serious and no ones going to believe you.

7 you want people to fight but first you need them not to participate with the system.THEN OTHERS WILL JOIN WHEN THEY SEE YOUR FREEDOM COMBINED WITH JOY. Two things the system cant provide.

8. How did you wake up? something released you! If you are INDEED awake.. find that invisible entity that released you.

9. Seek the spirit that released you and seek being a warrior to topple tyrrany.

10. You cannot live on as a serf and expect to become a warrior. You cannot continue with govt and suspect you will be ok. You cannot follow our political leaders and claim you love people.. you cannot work a job constantly and claim you do the opposite training to topple the govt. Your lie is manifest. Whatever your mind and heart are devoted to is which you'd with.

11. People will only follow if you give them hope, and strengthen their faith, show them they are stronger than they think.

I have gone for 35 days without food before. Your not as weak as they tell you you are..

You gotta realize that science has been the propaganda chute.. it delivered all the talse information to everyone to make us think we were weak.

Muhatan ghandi: " be the change you wish to see in others"

Timothy: "avoid the vain babbling of science, which are called knowledge and falsely so "

3 epistles of john:" the whole world is under the sway of the wicked one"

4. Samuel:" this wickedness you have done in asking for a ruler over yourself" .

5.ephesians:" christ is in you"

6.luke:" this child shall (you) be for the fall and rise of many nations"

7isaiah : " the weight of the government shall be upon his(your) shoulders" also " their shall be bo end to the increase of his (your) govt.
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BelovedTed · 51-55, M
I don’t want to be unified with American fascists, sorry.
Mate, eat something please! no wonder I don't understand your post
Bill Gates? I thought it was George Soros. Or that was in 2020 with the riots; Bill Gates is this year with the vaccines. I'm old enough to remember when the crackpots were all freaked out about the Rothschilds. I hope next year it's the Trumps who are the source of evil.
[@1026,LeopoldBloom] " Bill Gates divorce is significant of his fall.. Bill Gates is why this is written " lucifer, son of the morning , how you have fallen". ..

God is not mocked but hes also kind..
[@1199560,Jdanielb] Gates is just a good businessman. He's not Satan.

Who's mocking God? It's impossible to mock something that doesn't exist. I'm only mocking the idea of God in the mind of others.

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