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Tea Bag Axioms (please note i do not really know what axiom means, i just like using it and other words for their sheer acoustical quality)

1. To get started, error is fundamental. As you go on, you are refined, and your speech refines as well. Those without patience will never know what you're really gonna say.

2. When a *judgement is pronounced it is made to seem clear cut, a hole in one, no shadow of doubt. Tis always rather more murky, and we always make mistakes, we misinterpret, base our decisions on shifting sand so to speak.

* words like judgement, stand for all other words like it, is a symbol, and not to be taken literally and closed mindedly. Those who wish not to understand will only focus on the minute, with no accompanying effort to expand their knowledge.

3. To shake off these shortcomings - to try on wholeheartedly established ways of approaching stuff, things that have stood the test of time. One tries these on with a overall purpose of gaining a comparative perceptual database of all one is aware of.

3.001 Of what is said, is what can be consumed as by the flames of heavenly correction. It is a journey of the self alone, and for a full experience it is to in some way be expressed in the not alone spheres.

3.002 Levels of care - even the least of them is caring, and the most of them is not too serious.

4. The spirit of gravity wants all to be defined, and settled. It is the way of the terminated that does not ceaselessly change. You shall explore, and laugh with acidic pleasure at the where you've ended up so far. It is after all not serious, but for full enjoyment, seriousness must play a part until there are a series of affirmational realizations of it's inherent jokeness.
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This reminds me of Chatur from 3 Idiots.
[@24735,Silentspectator] Just googled this, he was in some American sitcoms too, thanks, an honor to be compared with the likes of him :)
[@919584,TeaNTea] the dialogues where his version and Aamir's version makes Goddess of education 🙈.

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