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What i find interesting

This could be one of my posts i pin and is designed for those who visit my profile in the hopes of knowing me a bit better.

I am not intrinsically interesting, and isn't it funny how i still go on and on about myself. But in a way i hardly ever speak directly about myself, but what i'm interested in.

1. Films are what i like to talk most about as that is what i feel most comfortable sharing about, maybe it means i learned some things, maybe i'm just a loon.

2. Grace - the concept of grace and seeing grace in action is a wonder to behold and ruminate on. Graceful ones have a peculiar way of simultaneously strenghthening and softening under duress.

3. Nietzsche - this guy was a formative informational source in my formative years, i to this day reflect on what he was doing with thought experimentation with a degree of speechlessness.

4. Cults - i love learning and imagining what being in a cult was like, Jim Jones is a figure rich in materials found online, you can hear many of his audio sermons and church services if you search for them, overall this is an example of my morbid interests. It is ever so slightly combined with a sense of otherworldly serenity and bliss that must be a part of why one joins a cult in the first place.

5. The early beginnings of HBO, and during the first shows they did, like The Hitchhiker, Larry Sanders, and Oz.

6. The Grecian Isms - Stoicism, Cynicism, Epicureanism, and Skepticism

I thought i had more to say here, well if i have anything to add, i'll add em, but keep in mind the mind works in mysterious ways, it's wonders to perform. ☂️
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Our interests are what makes us interesting, and you have many and varied.
Don’t undersell or underestimate yourself :)
[@1169621,Ghostinthemachine] Appreciated ... the ego must take a beating sometimes though!
[@919584,TeaNTea] True, but only to make it stronger, less fragile.
Peaches · F
I can relate to # 4 and 5. I've yet to find anyone here I can share paranormal experiences with. 👻 I like talking about that. I'm not sure I know enough films to talk about, but that's a great topic too.🤗
[@364304,Peaches] People here would be prone to misinterpret such things also, to find someone authentically into it, a special thing. For me i just like to get a little spooked from stories, videos and such. My family (Christian) used to do some spiritual warfare sessions with a guy who was supposedly possessed. Unseen powers and so on.
Peaches · F
[@919584,TeaNTea] Funny you said that, one of my stories was titled "Spiritual Warfare."
[@364304,Peaches] Some common ground :)
The early HBO was wonderful
[@1118414,SoapOperaglasses] Yes!! How it changed the landscape and all :)

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