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On a Tuesday morning

It's raining in a light drizzly way, groundspeople were a moment ago cutting the grass, my current film is 2015's Our Little Sister. Will the mail contain something today?

Another list i'm working on is the film items that make up $1,000 spent. The first documented grand will cover the period of time in which the 3,000 + debt is paid off.

The most mundane things are cause for celebration in this my sparkly bubble.

About 100 per month to be spent, June was a little over that as i just had to include Eric Rohmer's Comedies and Proverbs series of 6 films in a deluxe extras laden package from Arrow Academy.

The other is the Studio Canal release of Jean-Pierre Melville films, i did a little sleuthing about that release and the 2 others like it on Blu-ray.com, and it was touch and go, Un flic, the last film may be a little poorly rendered, but overall good. The Bunuel set on the other hand is reported with a failing grade. The Godard gets from what i gather the highest marks. sigh, but what will my $100 be for July?? There's no shortage of choices.
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Film connoisseur and/or buff?

Must be to spend that amount of coin per month.

My film club complains when we have to shell out $20 for a movie, once or twice a month.
[@1169621,Ghostinthemachine] I get that, i gravitate towards what alot would consider snobbish tastes, but i also have a taste for genre cinema even so far as SOV (Shot On Video)

I've seen that Iñárritu film and Babel, wasn't impressed much with him. Story structure as i recall was for me at least complex. My foray into Modern Asian cinema is my first major embracing of artistic modern films, so much, afterwards, when i see what feels to be a representational amount, i could then try out Spanish, Mexican and other locales for films made 2000 and after, at that point i might warm more to Iñárritu, and his comrades.

One of the films i'm streaming is Alfonso Cuarón's Roma, and i feel the same mootness towards that as to Amorres Perros.
[@919584,TeaNTea] I really need to explore Asian cinema more thoroughly, I’ve only grazed the surface, most recently with Parasite, and an older Japanese film Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell (I don’t recommend)

I enjoyed Birdman, but ups on second viewing recently, I was less enamoured.
The Revenant, while well done, does not make for an enjoyable cinematic experience.

Funny, I feel the same about Roma, not that I have finished it, but it wasn’t compelling enough to draw me back any time soon. But I will!
[@1169621,Ghostinthemachine] South Korea has tons of good stuff, and Netflix has a nice selection .... Good to know about Birdman ... i also saw 21 Grams i actually like that one, maybe because of Naomi Watts.

Good talking with ya, i for the most part just do the film thing solo, but for years now sharing about them is also part of things.

HatterM · 46-50, M
I still haven't watched my Rohmer set (though I think I'd seen all of them previously before purchase). I don't have a Godard set. Was way too expensive for me when I last checked! Bunuel... Hmm, not so keen, frankly.
HatterM · 46-50, M
[@919584,TeaNTea] Bought it over ten years ago so can't remember which one. I really should get around to it. I studied some Godard, but no, way too much!
[@1044765,HatterM] Worthy of study! Impressed. :)
HatterM · 46-50, M
[@919584,TeaNTea] Thanks, A Bout de Souffle in detail and Weekend some parts; I think Contempt was also one I looked at briefly but those studies were twenty years ago now too!

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