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I Love Horror Movies

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Flowers (2015)
Wow, this was just what i wanted it to be, sombre, graphic, serious, dreamlike. No dialogue, so the image and sound can really do their magic.

Girls who are victims of a killer are purgatorily trapped in his house, and the viewer is just thrust into that kind of surreal macabre space for 79 minutes. I loved it, it to me shows the artistic side of horror cinema, that i really don't see too much of, there's only one example i can think of, Jiri Barta's short film The Last Theft, which has a ghoulishly macabre dreamlike quality, very spooky in a juicy gothic manner, but Flowers just has brief moments imo like that, it is pretty unique.

Been up for a long long time, so i need some sleep, then i can afterwards explore further into Flowers' mysteries with Unearthed special features. Awesome day, plus i shared in totality Badlands with family member, none of that film's qualities was grasped, but it was nice all the same. I had a great time here as well, had some good interaction, and thank you all mostly for helping make the time zip by, 12 hours ago from as i type now would have been a normal time to have gotten some zzzz's.

Love, peace and understanding, chirp chirp in other words, see you all later!!

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