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I Wear Boys Size Underwear

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I'm a smaller framed guy, and the boys xl sized briefs fit me perfectly. They're cheaper than the men's sized ones and I like the colors and patterns
22-25, M
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Sep 29, 2017
jakky · 51-55, M
like the small briefs with hello kitty on them
sox56 · 46-50, M
My favourite too, either on men OR girls 😝[@608028,jakky]
Jaysbriefs · 22-25, M
Well I don't wear girls ones haha but I have some with sharks on them or cars or stripes.
Topbearcub · 61-69, M
Sexy! I’d like that except I can’t fit into anything under a men’s small :( 🍆
Chastejim · 46-50, M
My under pants are men’s small and they fit just fine and I like the support I get out of them whereas any size larger you tend to move around too much and they don’t hold things where they should be.

I admit I did try wearing an athletic supporter under a pair of briefs when I transitioned to boxer briefs but I ended up back in traditional tidy Whiteys pretty quickly in high school, they’re the only way to go in my opinion.
ArishMell · 61-69, M
I am short and find boys' sizes fit me well. And there is no V.A.T. on them, or more accurately there is, but it's set at 0%!
Jaysbriefs · 22-25, M
I always wear and buy the boys sizes too! [@519706,ArishMell]
Chastejim · 46-50, M
OK, I’ll admit when I was in school I was kind of crazy skinny or slim not terribly short but just small waist size and I couldn’t get jeans in the men’s section that would fit so I would go into the boys section to find and buy Levi’s and wrangler jeans in my size.

Sometimes it was sort of embarrassing because the sales people would come over and point out that the men’s section is over on the other side but I would find my size quickly, go try them on and head out.

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I Wear Boys Size Underwear
A group for those of us who enjoy wearing boys size briefs and bikinis.
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