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I'm Small

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I'm just 4'11馃槙Most of my classmates teases me and always says, "Where is that little girl? I can't see her." Pretending they don't see me. And when I was talking to them or joining in their conversation, they would say, "Do you hear that? There's a dwarf speaking..." Like seriously, it always leaves me offended and hurt. But as time goes by, I became used to it. But still gets into my nerves sometimes.
16-17, F
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Dec 24, 2017
[c=#BF0080] This is so sad. I know waht its like to be different and seen as an outsider. I am different sweetie. I am actually a guy but I feel like a girl inside so I come here to be who I think I was born as. As a girl. I soemtimes get accepted, but sometimes get called names like gay, homo etc :( Its not my fault I feel this way :( [/c]
[@334348,ThisDame] [c=#BF0080] *sweet hugs* aww, I love how wise and acceptoing you are. I know, from this that yuo ahve a pure heart. Someotimes it takes us to ahve our own suffering and battles, to see and accept others who are suffering too <3. You are so special. Little sis 馃槉馃挅[/c]
[@334348,ThisDame] But yes, I too only come here to be who I truly feel I am, just as you are. Tjhere is nothign wrong with who we are <3
ThisDame16-17, F
[@615574,CrystalSparkles] Thank you. My experiences and the people I've met taught me things. And you are absolutely right. That there's nothing wrong with who we are.

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I'm Small
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I'm just 4'11馃槙Most of my classmates teas... | I'm Small | Similar Worlds