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I Am Disgusted By The Evil In This World

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The worst monsters among us have one particularly insidious weapon that they use all the friggin time, but most people rarely spot it. They'll say something that knocks you down or makes them look good or otherwise pushes their agenda, and it'll seem SO true that you almost can't help but agree with it. And 90% of it will indeed be completely true. That's the problem - the 90% that's true makes the subtle little twist in the other 10% a million times more believable. And yet, that subtle twist changes everything. It makes a lie out of the whole thing, and creates a subtle dementation of your view of reality. Lies can be shrugged off - but lies that seem utterly like truth? They distort everything, because they get past your defenses and stick with you. You can feel it when it happens, like an old instinct to spot predators, but rarely do any of us truly recognize that that danger-sense is activating because of the person right in front of us. They seem so normal and likable, right?

The worst weapon of evil people isn't the lies that they breathe out like air - it's the truth that they wrap around those lies, to make them believable.
36-40, M
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Jan 9, 2017
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SW User
Indeed. A partial truth has greater power than an outright lie ever could. It seduces people, confuses them. The part that is truth blinds them to the lie.
Sicarium · 41-45, M
Pick two sides of any given argument. People on both sides will agree with you, about the other side, for the exact same reason. It's human nature.
BlueDiver · 36-40, M
Very true - and sometimes both sides are more a matter of shades of grey than anything black or white. But other times, more rarely (but almost always when dealing with true monsters), one side really is utterly in the right and the other side really is utterly in the wrong.
SW User
Yeah some a the worst monsters are the nicest kindest acting peeps you meet
SW User
This is SO true. However, sometimes even those who spread such lies wrapped in truth believe it themselves. They don't repeat it to be evil, they have bought into the lie themselves.
BlueDiver · 36-40, M
That's why in so many ways, Hitler was so much worse than Stalin or Mao. Stalin and Mao were sociopaths/psychopaths. They knew that their lies were lies, which made them look like the liars they were. That's why it took revolutions to put them in power - they could never have gotten elected. But Hitler was elected - he believed his lies, and genuinely believed that he was making the world a better place. People picked up on it, and fell in line with him on a level that wouldn't have been possible for Stalin or Mao.

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I Am Disgusted By The Evil In This World
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