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I Have Been ' Blocked '

So here I was responding to a post, had a reply back and went to click on it only to find "We could not find this post" and then finding the person who started the post has blocked me. Just seems a little rude to respond and block me before I even have chance to read the response!

Does this happen a lot, or is it just me?
helenS · 36-40, F
I usually received a final pm from the person who blocked me, immediately before blocking me, so I cannot even respond.
everready · 51-55, M
@helenS You get that too? Why would anyone block you?
helenS · 36-40, F
@everready I've been blocked, for example, by
(a) a Catholic girl, because I am an adherent of gnosticism, and I dared criticize the Holy Father;
(b) a certain "MrAmerica" (or "AmericaFirst"?) because I replied to a question he had posted, where he wanted answers form "Americans only". I sent him friendly greetings from Europe => blocked. 😁
everready · 51-55, M
@helenS That's pathetic
midnightsun · 26-30, M
Well I probably get blocked by atleast one person every few days

I don't even know why they do that either
It's usual for here. I may have deserved some of my blocks, I really don't care anymore. I have joked before some view blocks like a sport here, I know that likely got me a couple blocks.

Really I'm saying don't take it personally.
everready · 51-55, M
@SW-User Thanks. I am too laid back to take it personally, I was just seeing if this was normal behaviour on here.
DrSunnyTheSkeptic · 26-30, M
Even weirder, I have been blocked by people I don't argue with and have not been blocked by those I actually argue with
everready · 51-55, M
@DrSunnyTheSkeptic Sheesh, really?
DrSunnyTheSkeptic · 26-30, M
@everready Yeah and some girl with green hair misunderstood me last night, she told me to fuck off but she didn't block me
everready · 51-55, M
@DrSunnyTheSkeptic That is the better response, possibly
It’s happened to me.
Artasia · 22-25, F
It happens often
everready · 51-55, M
@Artasia Thank you for the confirmation

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I Have Been ' Blocked '
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