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what is the best to improve coginitive function in brain...
26-30, M
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May 23, 2020
SamtheDog · M
Would you believe exercise, improving oxygen flow and absorption.
TinyViolins · 26-30, M
Well, there's a lot of ways to go about it. The brain processes a lot of different types of information. First and foremost, neurology experts would recommend setting yourself up with proper sleep and nutrition to maximize performance, but it kinda diverges from there.

If you want to improve memory, you can make use of the Zeigarnik effect to improve recall. You can also chew gum or listen to music while studying since those also help in the short term. To commit information to long-term memory, you have to break it down in the moment. Recall the info, reduce it to it's base points, then repeat it back in your own words. That generally works.

To improve the speed of performance in cognitive tasks, playing strategy and puzzle games set your brain up to process information algorithmically. That helps decode complex sets of information into manageable patterns.

To improve the inner-connectivity of different brain regions, the only way you can do that is through practice and repetition. It's a lot more boring, but you'll eventually make the connections faster and faster until it's instinctive
2Buddies · M
Nootropic supplementation. Here's what I take. Discovered it when I was looking for cognitive boosting to complete graduate coursework while going to work full time. Not as enhanced as in the movie "Limitless" but on that pathway...
Excercise, reading + social interactions

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