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Can you work out this numeracy question?
An Art portfolio was due on 14th April, with a late submission penalty of 3% per day.The Art teacher gave Jessie's portfolio a mark of 91%. However Jessie handed in her assignment a week late, on 21st April. What will Jessie's final mark be for her portfolio? Give the mark as a whole percentage.

How do you work it out?
26-30, F
27 replies
Mar 6, 2018
Lissa31-35, F
I don't work it out.馃槅
summerlove26-30, F
[@585989,Melissa1101] You don't know how to?
Lissa31-35, F
[@427385,summerlove] no. Only thing I can figure out is 70%
Musicluver46-50, F
80.89% rounded off to 81%
reflectingmonkey46-50, M
73.5 or 70 depending on how you look at it
reflectingmonkey46-50, M
well I see 2 equivalent way to do this. 583-484=99 99 devided by 11=9 9+484=493 or 484x10=4840 4840+583=5423 5423 devide by 11 =493
summerlove26-30, F
[@9310,reflectingmonkey] Thanks! You're really smart.
reflectingmonkey46-50, M
[@427385,summerlove] thanks, it was fun. but now I have to sleep, this is nuts. its 2:37am here. good night
Musicluver46-50, F
oops I get 72%
Musicluver46-50, F
7 days at 3% a day = 21%
summerlove26-30, F
[@437203,Musicluver1696] Thank you!
Daltonico56-60, M
[@437203,Musicluver1696] And you are correct.
Musicluver46-50, F
So she had 91% and you subtract 21% of the 91 and come up with 71.89%
summerlove26-30, F
[@437203,Musicluver1696] Thank you so much!
Daltonico56-60, M
If it is a compound 3% it is more tricky.

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Can you work out this numeracy question? | Education | Similar Worlds