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I Am Getting a Divorce

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[center]"[b]Go in Peace[/b]"[/center]

Those words, simply put by my pastor, have made me reflect deeply upon my life and recent events. What they mean is this and its not an easy cup of tea to swallow. It means those of you that follow my footsteps have a journey that is the most difficult one you will ever face.

Simply put it means that once you divorce, do not rebound onto the next human being to fill the void that was left inside of you. If you get into another relationship what will happen is all of the anger, resentfulness, and unresolve WILL corrupt the next relationship. And it will. The partner of the divorce that chooses "to go in Peace" over the noise of another relationship is the one whose life will become much better.

To me, it also means to walk away with palms to the sky and pausing for a moment in life to reflect. To think back on the good, bad, and the things that occurred. To meditate. The quiet pause and the listening of a stream that once used to be cars honking in rush hour traffic.

Go in peace means to find your boundaries. Find what you lost. Find who you are and go back and reclaim it. Its finding that quiet moment of "peace" inside of yourself.

No human being can fill the demise of your marriage/partnership/etc with another person. Only God can fill that void inside of you.

People only compliment what you already have going on already in your life. They don't drastically change it. You have to find your life before you put the "condiments" on top of it to enhance it.

To often, we choose not to go in peace and we simply corrupt the next best thing.

So for those of you going through a divorce, I hope you listen. I know all of these things, mostly, because I did everything wrong. It took me time, but I learned and I deeply reflected on this.

So the next time you feel like getting into a relationship and just exited a bad one ask yourself this question "Are you going in peace? Is it fair to the new person to be the meat of your life instead of a condiment?"
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LadyWioness · 51-55, F
Precisely. Go in peace, and may you bring peace wherever you go. :)

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I Am Getting a Divorce
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