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I Dislike Fair Weather Friends

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Fair weather friends are basically friends who are only there for you during your good moments, but will never be there for your bad moments. I do not know how to get on a deeper level or the fact that my friends do not care as much as I like to think they do. You know? How can I approach and make better long lasting friends?
22-25, F
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Apr 17, 2019
rowena · F
[c=#4C0073]i'm afraid i have no idea how to make better friends, but you do have one in me <3[/c]
MissAru · 22-25, F
[@26363,rowena] thank you Rowena ♡
Allwaysthink825 · 31-35, F
I fear going deep. To much is exposed and I the pain is 10x more.

I will be there for all of them but I may not open up as much as I should which is why I may confuse them for being fair instead of for not knowing because of my own walls.
RoyalBee · 22-25, F
I have this problem as well. I have always had luke warm friends they never really are close with me and they wouldn't pick me first when it came to hanging out I will always be a last resort. It really bothered mw because when I make a friend I try my best to be an awesome friend and I put so much in and get nothing back but yet they would rather stay friends with people that treat them like trash.
morrgin · F
My best friend is a fair weathered friend and it sucks.
DarkSky · 51-55, M
At least you have fair weather friends
MissAru · 22-25, F
[@587991,DarkSky] true. Thanks for pointing that out.
DarkSky · 51-55, M
[@482654,MissAru] you bet

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I Dislike Fair Weather Friends
Have you had friends who drop you like a hot rock when the going gets rough?
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