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I Hate the Ugly American

Or any purposefully rude tourist one thing that really made me cringe was when I visited morocco and Lebanon and I saw people walking around in less than adequate amount of clothing in the street I was so embarrassed and in disbelief. It was warm to hot outside but honestly men and women walking around with skimpy clothes that were very disrespectful of the local culture I saw some locals giving them disapproving uncomfortable glances. I was so embarrassed to look at that. For Beirut depends what part of town you are in ( christians and Muslims make a good percentage each) and even in cosmopolitan cities like Casablanca,Marrakech etc. you need to understand it's an Islamic country! I saw a couple of tourists literally with beer bottle in the street among other behaviors again what you may be acceptable where you live is not always socially embraced in other countries openly ๐Ÿ˜ก Don't people research before going abroad anymore?
FelixLegion ยท M
And we dont HAVE to change OUR ways to please YOU either. Fuck being PC. Since you hate us. You keep your restricted sharia society. Dont ask us for any aid whatsoever. Then well BOTH be happy. โ˜บ
and the asians crapping and peeing on the subway ..
SW User
[@10925,waleskinder] where in hell was this? Don't people go in toilets?
BadShrimp ยท 36-40, M
Yes, Americans are fat and ugly. But they are very generou$ to these crappy poor countries.
FelixLegion ยท M
[@657841,Fadingstars] Being respectful is one thing. But no. We are tourists. We do NOT have to make OUR women wear a hidjab when visiting nor should we be expected to. If Muslims are free to come to US Soil and do as they please. Then the same applies. Period
SW User
[@582038,FelixLegion] I'm actually ex Muslim now ok but nobody said About anyone wearing a headscarf but in all honestly walking the streets in short shorts and half the cleavage hanging out and men with tank top undershirts and I could see the top of the mans underwear not appropriate!!!
FelixLegion ยท M
[@657841,Fadingstars] ive been seen people walkin around naked. I sense some exaggeration.
Quimliqer ยท 61-69, M
I'm afraid we're in the age of "entitlement", respect and self-awareness has passed. It's so sad. Thank you for bringing this to light.
Greenbare ยท 70-79, M
Yes. Islam is the greatest evil ever to enslave mankind.

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