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I Believe In Totem Animals

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I am really unsure of this though. I am half for it and half against it with makes me so undecided. The reason I am for it, like all my other spiritual beliefs, it was part of my life. Now though I am unsure if I believe it, I think because I still don't understand totem animals.

This such as are totem animals part of a wide range of the world or are totem animals only found on one part of the world? Why are totems always animals that are know? I never heard of person saying "My totem animal is a Binturong!" (Google it, it's real) I always here about animals that everyone knows. Which leads me to think at totem animals are nothing more the symbols being used world wide. Sometime spirituality is like a sickness, if it effects one person then everyone around them start to think it is effecting them too. So yeah I am half and half on this one but if you want to talk to help me understand more about totem animals. Then you are more then welcome to comment or message me.
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Nov 21, 2016

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I Believe In Totem Animals
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I am really unsure of this though. I am half for i... | I Believe In Totem Animals | Similar Worlds