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Do you think women look good with short hair?

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I don’t care
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I definitely do
trimcut · 41-45, F
I have totally grown my extremely short hair out to very very long and I am waiting for the right person to take it down very short and buzz the back and sides into a short pixie cut again
I love short hair cuts on pretty ladies ☺️
Faith13praise · 51-55, M
Depends on the woman but mostly no
Ksmile14 · F
Like her... ❤️

[image deleted]
NankerPhelge · 61-69, M
@Ksmile14 I like her facial expression as well, but I wouldn't choose to date her because I'd keep thinking I'd been zapped back to 1984 and not 1974.
Ksmile14 · F
@NankerPhelge lol leaves her all for me. :)
NankerPhelge · 61-69, M
@Ksmile14 Whatever floats your boat. Maybe you'd float hers and I wouldn't. Who knows?
Ksmile14 · F
Some women look amazeballs with short hair! 🥰
AthrillatheHunt · 51-55, M
I’d put the number at about 5 percent.
The rest just look bad in my opinion.@Ksmile14
Ksmile14 · F
@AthrillatheHunt That's an opinion. :)
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
Depends on the face and the cut... Can look great!
Are you thinking of it?
LunaRavenWolf · 31-35, F
It depends on how short Karen hair never looks good on anyone
It's hot. Buzzed even .
Thespis · M
I think it depends on the cut, the woman, her look. Jamie Lee Curtis looks amazing with short hair, can't say the same for everyone. I also think the inverse is true, I think we can al agree Jason Momoa rocks the long hair, but that's not true for everyone.
They can; some are hotter with short hair. I tend to like at least shoulder-length hair, but that is not a hard-and-fast rule.
ncgremlin · 56-60, M
It depends on the woman as well some look with short hair some dont
NankerPhelge · 61-69, M
I much prefer them with long hair.

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