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I Write
The Story of Mary

Lost & Found

She holds me down
- with her - sad, sad, frown
Red lipstick, white nightgown
- she is the cream - I swirl in thick
She makes me love - sound of coffee drip

I am again - the boy lost in lust
- she is my sin - she is my crutch
I shall never love - love this much
- she pulled me out - of the darkest pit
She clothed my skin - she made me fit

She took me in - when I was lost
- she brought me back from
my darkest thoughts - thoughts of suicide
- a living hell - she made the world
A world worth living well - she is my queen
- my own Jezebel - So I took to pen
Just to write her this - and thank her for
- bringing me back with a kiss

Sweet Mary

Mary.. Mary where do you go
when the world begins to slow
And the light outside gets low
and I see you there - mary
staring out the window

The seasons may change
but your face remains the same
(I change too - mary)

Do you go back to your childhood home
The farm your birthplace - back
to your mother's warm embrace
To the smell of your father's hands
Like homemade wheat and yeast
a brewery in mid October

And did it trouble your adolescent mind
to find
that a father's hands
weren't always so kind

You ran, didn't you, mary
but your running was aimless
So that now at forty
you find yourself back at the front door
Of that childhood home

Back to that old door-knocker
that barely hung on with one loose nail
and still does... Turn around, mary!

Come back to me... come back to bed

Two leaves blowing in the wind, hath no meaning! - mary

Come back to me... come back to bed

And let me erase
all those
devilish things he did.

Starving for Mary

I Eat and you leave me. I Drink
- and my thirst for you is gone
It is in the pit of my stomach
- the memories of you are drawn

I think. And without you
- my thoughts are empty
My dreams are of you - alone
- You are the season to my ending
I am the broken arrow

These sunken ribs, boney shins
- are the scars that I must carry
For the days I've gone without you
- O my sweet Mary

I hunger for your embrace
- I thirst for the day
That we will again be two
- And it will again be just me & you

For miles and miles - I will creep
- through the blinding snow
And these lonely streets

Nor will I eat or drink or sleep
- 'till one day you comeback to me
And I will drop down to your feet
- And you will look down at me
at my Emaciated face, my weary being

Tell me then... will you leave?
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Im Not sure But This this really meaningful.It was a long time since I read Something like this which let me Have some Thoughts.
Thanks For sharing it
[@780464,Lostpoet] What inspires you To write ? People / thoughts / feelings ?
Lostpoet · 31-35, M
[@401865,Noni33] Idk... Life? And I really love poets. T.s eliot, Robert frost, Sylvia plath, Rudyard kipling, Alan Ginsberg and many others. Thanks for asking.🙂
[@780464,Lostpoet] I would say life too ,But I didn't say To see what will answer Lol.
Thanks 😊
I love what they did with the rustic cabin photo ☺️
JustcallmeNameless · 31-35, F
So is Mary your gf or ex gf?
JustcallmeNameless · 31-35, F
[@780464,Lostpoet] yeah. Thank you for the compliment. But I don't date that much.
SW User
[@585989,Lissa] thought I'd ask
Lostpoet · 31-35, M
[@585989,Lissa] That's a shame.
SW User
This is really creative. Well done. I love the additions of the artwork.
Lostpoet · 31-35, M
[@905303,Intricate] Thank you.🙂
SW User
You’re welcome [@780464,Lostpoet]
LisaKatyEllen · 26-30, F
LisaKatyEllen · 26-30, F
[@780464,Lostpoet] lol no I just write it like entertaining and positive.
Lostpoet · 31-35, M
[@348358,Leah203] I believe in the power of positivity. I hope your life works out like the story that you are writing ✍. 🤞
LisaKatyEllen · 26-30, F
[@780464,Lostpoet] Thank you I think I'll work on it the next couple days.
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