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I Want to Know Where You Are Ticklish
This story isn't true but funny
Lucy tickles mrs walker
Lucy is in 8th grade . She sees her grade for math it's a d. Lucy is very upset! She walks in to mrs walkers math class at lunch . Lucy what in the world r u doing here? My grade mrs walker ! Yes I'm sorry Lucy. No mrs walker I want it changed your too hard on me! No I'm not says mrs walker. Yes u freaking r says Lucy and I don't deserve this . U need too try harder Lucy says mrs walker. No says Lucy u need to be a nice teacher and change my grade . She notices mrs walker is barefoot . Your not wearing shoes ? Nope they hurt my feet y? Oh I know how too make u change my grade! How says mrs walker? This says Lucy she starts tickling mrs walkers feet. Ahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahha llllllllluuuuucxxyyyyyyyuuuuuuyyyyyy! Awe laughs Lucy someone's feet r ticklish . Yes laughs mrs walker! Very much my feet are one of my worst spots! Cool says Lucy ! She tickles mrs walkers feet for another 5 minutes! Mrs walker can't even beg ! Can I have a better grade? Maybe a c - nope says Lucy toes ! No no squeals mrs walker! Too late says Lucy . She tickles in between mrs walkers toes while she does this little piggy! Mrs walker is going nuts! Ok ok I can't take it she begs ! U can get a b - and I'm sorry Lucy for being so harsh on u I just wanted u too try your best. Thank you mrs walker says Lucy and I'm sorry for torchering u . It's ok Lucy it was fun I had forgotten how bad my toes were.

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I Want to Know Where You Are Ticklish
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