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I Want to Know Where You Are Ticklish

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This story isn't true but cute
Joe plays with Emma
Joe enters his sisters house! Hey Rachel ! Hey she hugs her brother ! Thanks for Emma sitting Bryan and I r going Christmas shopping for her and walker ( he's their 3 month old son) . Of course says joe! Meet us and mom and dad and whit ( joes fiancee ) at on the border at 5:30 then Bryan and u and me r going too see facing the giants at the old fashioned theater at 8:00 . Sounds good so moms taking the kids ? Ya she is says racheal . She is napping wake her at 3:00 give her snack she can have a cookie and fruit but nothing after 3:30 so
She'll eat dinner . U got it says joe! Can whit and I have her tomarrow after church since we r going to aunt kathys too plan Christmas tomorrow night ? Ya u can says Bryan ! Thanks bro says joe ! See u in 4 hrs bye. Bye thanks for the movie tonight ! Your welcome says Rachel . No bath she wants to do it at moms . Got it says joe, 3:00 on the dot joe runs up to his 3 yr old nieces room and wakes her up . Hi sweetie he says ! Hi she says sleepily where's momma ? She went by shopping for Christmas gifts with daddy and walker . Ok says Emma . Go potty and then we can have snack and then we can play ! Piggies first she says ? U got it says joe ! He does this little piggy and tickles in between her toes ! Emma's going nuts! What's so funny Huh teases joe? It tickles laughs Emma ! Let me test your sides try not to laugh. Poke poke poke ! Hahhahahhahahhahahhahahha! U laughed crazy! It tickles laughs Emma! U want a snack tickle gl? Yes she giggles . Cookie and half a banana sound good ? Yes please. 3:30 done uncle joe says Emma . Good job says joe! Want to go get a cute outfit on for dinner at on the border ? Ya she says ! 3;45 u r so cute says joe she's wearing her Minnie jean overalls and a 3/4 sleeve top and pink socks and pink converse shoes . Good job at getti
G deeesrd now we can play for a whole hour and a half ! Haha u can't tickle me anymore teases Emma ! Oh ya laughs joe ! Just for that I'm gonna tickle u! She takes off! U better run little gl says joe ! 5 minutes later ha I got u says joe! Let's take your shoes off no no begs Emma . Oh ya sis says joe . I'm gonna get your feet with your socks on . Ehhehehehhehhehehehhehehhehehhehaughs Emma ! See I can too tickle u I'm hot can I go put leggings on ? Ya says joe . She comes back . That's better says joe it's a long enough top for your leggings . Now I
Can get your bebo ( belly button) Nnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ehehehhehehhehhehehhehehhehehehhehehhehhehehhe! Did that tickle me blowing on that bebo teases joe ? Yyyyeeddssss laughs Emma ! Now for the ribs your dad told me one fell off of u at church let me just count them! 123456789101112! Emmmas going crazy! What teases joe r your ribbies ticklish too? Yyyyeessssssdssssssssss squeals Emma ! Sorry i need to check the other side and see. He counts all 12 of Emma's ribs she's almost crying it tickles so much ! Wow those ribs tickle bad huh says joe? Ya laughs Emma ! No more pleae ! U got it sis teases joe . No more tickling just neck nibbles ! He nibbles Emma's neck playfully for 4 minutes ! Emma's hung crazy ! Nnnnnoooooooooooo ssssssssssssfttttttttttttttttttttoooooooppopppppppppppppppppp! Haha it tickles huh says joe? Ya laughs Emma ! That tickles whit too . It tickled my mommy too ! Yes mam it does laughs joe ! Let's ways a movie for an hour till we have too less energy . Ok says Emma . Love u they both say too each other

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I Want to Know Where You Are Ticklish
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