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I Want to Know Where You Are Ticklish

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This story isn't true but cute
Jack tickles Morgan oit of a bad mood
Jack and Morgan are cousins they're both 16. Morgan had a fight with her mom and is on a bad mood ! Jack comes over to cheer her up and take her too a movie with his girlfriend Beth and her boyfriend Zach they're siblings . Hey says Jack! Hi says Morgan sadly. What's the matter ? Oh nothing lies Morgan . Get out of your bad mood then. I had a fight with mom says Morgan . That's ok your 16 your supposed to argue with her. Funny says Morgan . Come on says Jack you have an hour and 20 minutes too get ready for us too leave for dinner and movie with Zach and Beth . I don't want too go says Morgan . Sure u do says Jack I know how to make u go ! How says Morgan ? Tickling Doug ( their cousin) showed me how. Go ahead says Morgan no toes though they're off limits. Man laughs Jack ok I won't tickle them if u cooperate. Deal says Morgan . Feet Getty Getty Getty ! Ahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahha! Haha laughs Jack ! Now for a spot I've always wondered if it's ticklish the belly button ! He zerberts morgans belly button down 3 minutes! She's flailing around like crazy! I found a spot laughs Jack ! Yes u did I'll go I'll go laughs Morgan ! R u gonna be happy about it says Jack ? Yes squeals Morgan ! I'll let you up after belly zerberts ! Jack blows on morgans stomach for 2 minutes! She is laughing like a hyenna ! Sassttttttttttttoooooppppppppp she pleads ! Ok ok I'll quit says Jack u go get ready or I'll get your ribbies ! No no they're just as bad as my belly laughs Morgan ! She darts into the bathroom and sticks her tounge out at Jack! Hey laughs Jack that's it I'm not getting the ribs but I am getting your pitties ! Nnnnooooooooooooo howls Morgan ! 3 minutes later she's giggling so much she can't even get her makeup on! Qqqquuuuuiiiitttttttttt I'm gonna make us late ! Fine says Jack laughing . Does Zach know how ticklish u r? Yes unfortunately says Morgan . Does Beth know how bad u r? No when ever she's tried it I've tickled her before she can even get me. Wow how mean tease s Morgan . U r in no position to he calling game names laughs Jack he tickles her but! He hehhehehhehehhehehhehehheheheh oookkkkkkkk I'm sasooooooooorrrrrrryyyyyyyyu giggles Morgan! U better be teases Jack ! Ok makeup is on I've just got to get dressed . Morgan says Lilly ( her 6 yr old Sister) ya says Morgan ? Mommy says to ask u if u can watch me tomarrow till family dinner at aunt beccas and uncle mikes ? No I can't I promised aunt becca I'd go over there and help with naps for the Gls. I can says Jack ! Come on kiddo he lifts Lilly on his shoulders let's let her get dressed and u and I will go tell mommy your gonna come play with me tomorrow! Ok says Lilly ! Hey Jack thanks for changing my mood says Morgan! Your welcome says Jack anytime . How did u change her bad mood asked Lilly ? Tickled hef till she was happy ! Wow says Lilly I bet she laughed a lot my sissys really ticklish ! I know says Jack !
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I Want to Know Where You Are Ticklish
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This story isn't true but cute Jack tickles ... | I Want to Know Where You Are Ticklish | Similar Worlds