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I’m going to point out what a real caregiver/daddy is

I’m sick of having fakes in my inbox and seeing them around. Most don’t even know what it means. If you aren’t willing to fully take care of a little don’t bother trying to take up the role. And I’m sick of ending up with fakes too. First of all they look after their littles from reminding them to wash , eat , brush hair and teeth to setting them a bed time and a load of other things both people consent to which I won’t mention but you know what I mean , being there for them when they need them , and love and protect them , it’s more than having sex with someone you call daddy , real daddies don’t leave their littles for hours or days without any communication and if they have to then they always let their littles know , real daddies never force or try to push their littles into doing anything they don’t want to do or don’t feel comfortable with this includes sex , consent has to be real on both sides it isn’t if they feel scared or pushed into it , Many relationships are completely non sexual in fact that’s what I wanted , real daddies only have one little as that’s enough for them they don’t have several or secret ones unless it’s agreed on with both people , they never tell you your too childish or tell you to grow up or Make you feel bad about yourself if they do by accident they apologise and mean it , they make you feel like your the most important person in the world and they deal with your problems and work through everything with you as in trauma or physical or mental health problems as long as you let them know what they are dealing with before you commit like I did with my daddy and they respect all of your triggers to avoid them if they accidentally trigger you they apologise and don’t do it again. They don’t punish you for everything you do , you have to break a genuine rule for this not punish you with communication letting you know what you did wrong telling you what you did wrong so you know , not when they feel like it or in a bad mood or you annoy them in anyway, this is really important they should only do it when you break a agreed rule and the punishment is what you both agreed and consented to , they make sure your happy and healthy best way they can and try to help you with your struggles they don’t abandon you when your mental illness or health acts up , they truly let you be your little self and they never tell you off for it or acting immature, they don’t keep you a secret or ashamed to be with you , they never compare you to other littles or people that shit hurts and real daddies never do that , they never give up on you and they never leave you for other people or littles. They fix problems and they never judge you or bully you or abuse you in any way. They also care about what you care about from all the names of your stuffed animals to your hobbies and interests they support you in them and take part in them with you when they can. It’s like having a overgrown child we need love and care and we are extremely needy and clingy. We want constant attention and cuddles , we get jealous , we cry over what you call little things , we can be very childish , some throw tantrums or have melt downs but that’s what you deal with. ( depends on the little not all of the same ) Don’t take one in or commit to one unless you are prepared for all I wrote about.
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Eternity · 22-25, M
Good god this sounds like all the worst parts of having a child rolled into one. I can't imagine someone putting up with this level of neediness unless they were going to get laid for it.
SW User
[@807598,Eternity] it’s what having a little is about. Many people don’t understand what it actually means. Don’t take one in if you can’t handle this. Calling someone daddy isn’t even half of it. People need to know what it is all about.
Eternity · 22-25, M
[@1132510,Ladylavinia] yeah i would never. Not my kink.
SW User
[@807598,Eternity] that’s ok. It’s important people know the reality of it
Bigcountry1965 · 56-60, M
Well written
Dragfan8200 · 36-40, M
Not really into the age play scene.

I mean I get other people being in it but moi?

I don't like children. I don't mean like, Hate them, it's just I don't like looking after them.

Nah, kids are cool I just don't want to be stuck with em you know?

Anyways, woman with my heart she basically looks after herself, that's a turnon.

I don't really -want- to have to provide even though maybe if I work at it I could, and I find the validation game a lot more intense when the woman isn't finanically trapped.
iamlonelyallthetime · 46-50, M
people dont no what it takes to have a little they think it easy and you have sex
I think most people don't understand that whatever dynamic you go in to everything should be discussed and agreed upon, consent is the key here. You can't just make assumptions even if you are the dominant one. Plus some people want the live their dynamic 24/7 others don't. Everyone should get to decide for themselves though without judgment 🤗
Eddienj · 70-79, M
They don't accept the responsibility that comes with ownership.
badminton · 61-69, MVIP
It sounds like a big responsibility to be a caregiver/ daddy.
[@601940,badminton] but this is about sex role play. Its not real.

Or am I missing something here?
Pdad49 · M
I am prepared! Do you want to get pregnant?
EagleV · 46-50, M
A real daddy is a nurturer of his little/woman. To many men feel that being a daddy is about using and abusing. Also a real daddy excepts and deals with issues and doesn't look at everything to punish for pleasure. I'm a real daddy and I'm tired of so many fake want to bes. Yes it's wonderful to have that little as your submissive and enjoying great sex, but it's more than sex living this lifestyle.
SW User
[@1161748,EagleV] that’s very true I would love to talk to you
EagleV · 46-50, M
[@1132510,Ladylavinia] I sent you a message and would love to talk to you as well 🥰
EagleV · 46-50, M
I very much desire speaking with you as well. Please send me a message. I can't send another until you message me back ❤️

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