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I Want to Transition

There’s only been a few times I’ve passed as a guy in public, only because my hair wasn’t at the length it is now, if you’ve seen how long my hair is then you know. Long hair was never for me, it never looked good on me honestly. Short hair was it for me, I loved it, it was me, made me happy and boosted my confidence in myself.

Long hair had always been associated with woman, short hair for men till someone decided to make a change, we know how it is now with hair styles, anybody can style it however the heck they want and go in with their life.
I know guys can have long hair, but since I haven’t started my transition, having long hair makes it almost impossible for me to pass off as a guy. I look like a “girl”, misgendered and of course the person corrected themselves(who know I’m trans anyway). Probably seems silly to other people, but I feel like having short hair(like a guy) would help me pass a lot better and make me happy. Seeing my hair keep growing makes me sad and honestly has made me have some mini-break downs. It’s just hair, right? But to me it’s important to pass because it makes me feel good.
If I’m seen a gay male, okay lol, I can live with that, but if I’m seen as a “woman” or a “girl” it shoots me down and I was literally want to cry and just leave.

I love who I am, but I want to be able to see that in the mirror too.
Looking at your posts as a whole, you might want to wait until your frontal cortex is done forming to make such a momentous decision.
for @ShaythePanTransMan lol I think that this is true of ANYone making such decisions. They are huge, and doesn't their importance warrant making the decision with your brain having finished forming its decision-making HQ, rather than before it finishes this?
BlissfulThinking · 18-21, T
[@733785,SomeMichGuy] I've been out since I was 14. The dysphoria, the depression, the transphobia [b]I've been through it all[/b], I think I know when I'm ready or not 🤷‍♂️
[@3741,Haydennn] I understand that you have been through a lot and that your feelings are real; those are not in question.

The fact remains that the brain doesn't finish forming its frontal cortex until people are about 24, and--though attaining that age is no guarantee of good decision-making--the teen mind is not known for having the quality of good/sound judgment.

That's all. I wish you well, not ill.
ShaythePanTransMan · 18-21, T
I get what ya mean. I remember my first male haircut like 2 years ago. It really helps at the time. But then you’re living as a guy 2 years later and you want long hair again XD
BlissfulThinking · 18-21, T
[@961187,ShaythePanTransMan] 😂🤔
ShaythePanTransMan · 18-21, T
[@3741,Haydennn] I’m telling ya...the things you do to pass are not the things you’ll keep doing when you finally struggle to [b]not[/b] pass
Also, I can’t respond to your other comment. You didn’t do anything. I’ve blcoked 140 people, most of which are transphobes. You haven’t blocked them yet.
Mikaloviche · 31-35, M
I see it

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