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I Hate Sociopaths

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I'd think that people would be able to tell a sociopath from miles away, but since this doesn't see to be the case, I'll share this informative video about the top 10 traits of sociopaths.... Hope this helps people to get a grip and avoiding getting their lives ruined by sociopaths...
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May 3, 2019
Sounds like my old manager
Eh, normal people kill in greater numbers than sociopaths. They let their emotions and passions guide their actions. Normal people cheat, manipulate steal, rape, sexually molest children.. When you are emoting to a high degree (limbic system), that directly coincides with a decrease of activity in your frontal lobe which is your reasoning center. Intense emotion literally and neurologically makes you stupid. And so you do things without thinking of consequences.

Not to mention that it's spectrum, the traits don't apply to every case, nor with the same intensity.

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I Hate Sociopaths
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I'd think that people would be able to tell a... | I Hate Sociopaths | Similar Worlds