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I Have Plans

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I did not make them, mind you.

Yesterday, some people are talking and I hear,
Person 1: "We're going *here* on Thursday, right?"
Person 2:"Yes. [i]Mary[/i] should come too.
Person 1: "Yes! Elizabeth (me) will bring [i]Mary[/i].
Person 2: "Next Tuesday, we should have a [b]Results Party[/b] at my place!"
Person 1: "Great idea! Invite (several people) and Elizabeth can bring [i]Mary[/i] there too!"

[i]Mary[/i] has a D.U.I., which is why I am being offered up as her Taxi Driver. Also, nobody asked neither [i]Mary[/i] nor I if either of us had plans either of those days. 馃槙

All in all, I feel terribly disheartened. I am only useful and invited if I am [i]Mary's[/i] chauffeur. Not [i]Mary's[/i] fault at all! But I feel so worthless. She and I discussed it today. Ah well. Sigh.
36-40, F
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Nov 1, 2016
You're not worthless you're useful :) :) 馃槖

My mom always makes plans for me too.. So annoying sometimes
Aww you shouldn't feel that way about yourself *hugs* I'm sure they think you are awesome too.. They asked for you by name after all :)
Myzery36-40, F
Only because they need me in order to hang out with who they [b][u]really[/u][/b] want to hang out with. She cannot drive herself.
Sigh if they didn't want you to come then they'd drive her themselves and not ask you imo

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I Have Plans
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I did not make them, mind you. Yesterday, some p... | I Have Plans | Similar Worlds