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I Remember My First Crush

This is a story about my first crush, but also kind of a New Year's story, so I thought I'd write about it tonight.

His name was Mike and he had just moved in down the street. He started hanging out with my brother's circle of friends- just a ragtag group of boys aged between 8 and 12. My brother was 8, but Mike was 12 and so was I.

The first time I met Mike was one hot day in August. I was outside giving my dog a bath, and my brother's friends had all just arrived in from a hike. Mike walked up to me, took off his shirt, and asked if he could drink from the garden hose. That was our first interaction.

I was immediately smitten. I drilled my brother for info on Mike, and every time Mike came to our house to hang with my brother, I would stare wistfully. 馃グ Mike and I became really good friends. We actually had tons in common, and even though he was the most sought-after boy in school (football team, tall, white-blond hair and ice-blue eyes), he always made time for me and even told his friends I was "the sweetest girl he'd ever met ".

I was enamored with him the entire time we were friends, and never told him. He was way out of my league! He dated cheerleaders and popular girls, not nerdy goths like me. But he never teased me or judged me for not being popular or pretty.

He was always so kind to me. He gave me rides home from school in his truck once he could drive, and he and I would sneak into the vacant house next door to us and smoke weed while listening to music. When the 1998 version of Romeo and Juliet was new, he rented the DVD and brought it to my house so we could watch it together.

Eventually we graduated and went our separate ways. He joined the army and served overseas. I moved to the mountains and lived my own life. We lost touch, but on New Year's Day in 2005, eight years after we had last spoken, my brother ran into Mike in our hometown. He said Mike had asked about me, and had given him his phone number. So my brother gave me the number and said I should give Mike a call and wish him Happy New Year.

I did. We talked about our lives after high school, and he revealed that he was now married with a son. He asked if I remembered that I had given him a Romeo and Juliet postcard before he moved away. I said I did remember. He said he'd carried that postcard with him to Iraq, and now had it framed in his bedroom. For some reason that touched me so deeply. 馃槶

We had a nice chat and then said our goodbyes, and I haven't spoken to him since. It was young love on my part but it was also a very deeply bonded friendship that I will never forget. 馃挄
nowic256-60, M
that's a delightful story & you will have the memories forever. what a beautiful thought. thanks for sharing. best wishes for a great 2019.
memyselfandyou41-45, M
what a great story! do you regret it never went further?
DearAmbellina211341-45, F
[@463385,memyselfandyou] I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had told him how I felt. When I saw photos of his wife, I was kind of aware that she resembles me quite a bit (black hair, pale skin, kind of curvy not skinny) I wondered if maybe he liked me too. 馃 But I doubt it, lol.
memyselfandyou41-45, M
[@831314,AppleBlossom2113] I bet he did... weird how life works that way. I have a story of my own like that... in hindsight I am sure she felt the same way about me..
GJOFJ361-69, M
This is beautiful. Glad you shared this
Beautiful share ... thank you
Touching indeed.馃槉
Friendlyman6456-60, M
This is beautiful
SW User
Stunning revelation.
He's your first love & you were his best friend. Sigh.

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