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I Was Caught Crossdressing

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I was just wearing my kaftan this morning before I got dressed. I decided to paint my nails purple for fun. I had just finished painting them and was cleaning up the kitchen when our roommate walked in the front door with a friend. There I am-red toenails, purple fingernails and a kaftan when a strange woman walks in the door. I just acted normal, nothing strange. They walked on by and went downstairs. Nothing was said. What did they think? Did they even notice or care? We'll never know unless they say something later.
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Lol, great way to start the week
I was 5 when my mom caught me wearing her Very Lacy half Slip.
It is a shame we even have to worry about it
When you act normal, everything seems normal. When you act guilty, people become suspicious. I know this to be a fact, I learned it the hard way.
The number of people that are judgmental about things like that are much fewer than we imagine
I too have been caught, but it was on purpose. I enjoy a skirt and boots with heels and frequently walk in the evenings on a path in my town. I passed a few friends and co-workers without comments. When getting to work I usually get a funny look but no comments. I think they're not sure it was me or just didn't notice.
Wouldn't it be such a giggle to be a manly man who buys femme products JUST to see the reaction?
To bad society all over the earth is divided male and female
Sharon03 · 61-69, T
Yes. I love to look for reactions when I get my toes painted during a pedicure.
I had a gorgeous female roommate a few years ago, unfortunately JUST friends, and she knew about my lingerie and pantie crossdressing and was fine with it. I would walk around the apartment in all sorts of things, from only panties to bra and panties, baby-doll nighties, and my satin and lace panties with an attached satin and lace skirt and matching camisole (I have this in several colors). She ALWAYS complimented me on my taste in panties and lingerie. I never felt strange wearing my pretty things around her because she was so accepting of this. Unfortunately she moved into her own apartment after about two years of being my roommate and my next roommate was a guy. I am now in my very own apartment and can wear whatever the hell I want whenever I want to. My family knows to call ahead if they plan on stopping in for a visit. My sister, niece and female cousin all know what I wear, but have never seen me in anything. My sister has washed my clothes for me, including nighties and panties, I wear panties exclusively, and has NEVER said a word about it. My cousin is planning to come over sometime soon and look at all of my things and maybe help me dress up some. She is not an actual blood relation, cousin through marriage, and I have told her that I would love to make love to her while dressed in my lingerie, but she said that she has a steady live-in boyfriend and would not cheat on him. I replied that if she ever breaks up with him, maybe then she would consider it, and she said it might be possible, but her relationship is very strong right now.

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I Was Caught Crossdressing
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