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I Like to Cook

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Trying an Italian oxtail stew (coda alla vaccinara) tonight as I've got the house to myself. Should be good but it takes HOURS lol.
22-25, F
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Oct 8, 2015
Oxtail is fabulous if done right. I'm partial to the Vietnamese versions I've had in New Orleans. Good luck!
ScottishLulu · 22-25, F
Never tried that, I might have to give it a look :) Italian is generally my go to cuisine, but I've really enjoyed Vietnamese food the few times I've come across it. Is there a lot of it in New Orleans?
Yes, there was a huge influx of Vietnamese there in the late 1970s. We even had a Vietnamese politician we sent to Washington a few years ago. Vietnamese cuisine is very French-inspired and mixes well with the French influences in New Orleans cuisine.
ScottishLulu · 22-25, F
Ah yes that French mix makes sense actually, I'd heard about the major French influences in Vietnamese food. New Orleans cuisine has always seemed very interesting and something I'd love to experience some day, in fact the whole culture of that part of the world is something that interests me a lot :)
That sounds really awesome. I'm so excited to have my own place to be able to cook new recipes
ScottishLulu · 22-25, F
I'm still at home, but I try to use having the house to myself to cook things I probably wouldn't risk when other people are going to eat it lol.
Yeah. Haha I've had some weird recipes that luckily I was home alone for. I made one that I decided to make up. I was Going to make a pasta sauce. We had no milk and so I decided to use condensed sweetened milk and I couldn't get it to not be sweet (go figure eh?) and so I added so many spices to try and make it taste good. I used 2 cubes of bouillon in it. It was so disgusting. Haha
when you said oxtail do you literally used oxtail or it's just an expression?
How did it turn out? I know they have a distinct flavor, but quite a nice warming dish for the Fall/Winter with a good bagat and a nice bottle of Shariz.
berangere · 70-79, F
Loved to cook when I was younger, now I go for bake and boil LOL!

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I Like to Cook
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Trying an Italian oxtail stew (coda alla vaccinara... | I Like to Cook | Similar Worlds