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Maggimay · 41-45, F
Cant see hiking comfy in the skirt though.
@JoanieNewHampshire: Not everything we see should be accepted, some should be changed, some should be challenged. Not everything that we see is as it appears, not everything should be taken at face value.

Talking about face value, I know there are a lot of things you don't take a face value, at how it appears to be.

Consensus is not always desired by people that need validation. Some people want consensus so that goals can be met. Some people want others to agree simply because they care about the other person and believe them to be wrong and don't want them to continue to believe a lie.
@mar3sword: your a lot like me! You think you have the answer to everything. Unlike me, I believe the right answers will always emerge from the dust of disagreement.
Generally speaking anything and everything should be accepted tolerated and even promoted if I has no ill effect on another's life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. You have rules, I have responsibilities. Responsibility always trumps rules. But you probably won't accept that because you have far to many rules.
Consensus and validation are not antonyms.

People should keep their noses out of other people's business if they haven't been asked@mar3sword:
PTCdresser57 · 61-69, M
That is so lovely. It could work!
PTCdresser57 · 61-69, M
Thank you Joanie. It is wonderful. I have had some ladies tell me I have better looking legs than
Martha, me too!

When mom saw me in a skirt for the first time she said I have her legs. (She's too narcissistic to say I had better legs, lol) she did tell me that my skirt would look better with what ever blah blah, but that's what Narces do!
PTCdresser57 · 61-69, M
Cute for drinks
@JoanieNewHampshire: I like it - have fun sweetie
@Dancmemomisme: I like it too! It feels so cute on! And for a 62 YO I like to look as cute as possible 😜
Wish you could come have drinks with @Dancmemomisme:
that looks warm in confrontable
I would love to wear that while out walking in the park.
Sounds delightful.
It was! I've got a phot some where@VeronicaJane:
[image deleted]
Tanoos · 36-40, F
nice boot..I like the color and style
@VeronicaJane: it really is, I love it! Though a couple of girlfriends have told me I'm to old to wear a "mini skirt"
@JoanieNewHampshire: LOL - you just keep rocking that look. Many women here of all ages and sizes wear leggings/activewear. The skirt adds a nice sense of modesty.
@VeronicaJane: last weekend, my female partner and I had an associate come visit for a couple days. (This would be the first time she met me as my femself and this would be what she first saw me in) Monday I was going skiing with a friend of mine and wore my similar outfit. It's my apre' ski attire, is comfortable and it is as you say, more modest then simply leggings. I found out upon returning home after our guest had left, Dee said that she asked her what's with the mini skirt? Neither Dee or her friend are big on fashion, more pragmatic in their dressing. (Dee was giving me hell last night because I got "all dressed up" for my birthday party all because I had high heels own). That question really hurt, as it implied to me that I was expressing some kind of male attitude because I was dressing provocatively and "younger then a woman my age should"!
Looks impractical to be honest.
But it is easier to just remove it from your pocket. Phone, compass, map, gloves, snacks, gps...
I hate shit in my pocket! It bugs me, it interrupts my experience, it causes constant distractions!

My point! Enjoy your pockets, I and those like us will enjoy our skirts. Btw. If I wore just leggings. Many women do, I'd still have no pockets.. And too, my skirt, like the one illustrated has a pocket. I keep my license cc and cash there incase my pack should fall off a cliff. My keys I leave hidden at my car
I can imagine that shit would be pretty bad to have in your pockets, I don't recommend putting it there. It will smell pretty bad too.

Yes, let us wear what we prefer... ;)

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