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I Have Been Spied On And Liked It

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I used to work as a lifeguard. We would change in the locker rooms. One day a kid ran in the wrong locker room and I happen to be taking my suit off. Well his older sister ran in after him, she had to be home from college or going to a local university. She was a pretty attractive girl. I stood straight back up and she stopped in her tracks. She looked me up and down and apologized but she did not leave. She came further in grabbed her little brother and took him back out. It was thrilling knowing she got a full view of me smiled and had that image in her head for the rest of the day. Who knows maybe longer ;) I enjoyed it. Too bad she didn't stay
31-35, M
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Mar 15, 2019
Imaginethat · 56-60, M
That is an exciting & fort7nte accident.
GJOFJ3 · 56-60, M
Some life guard you are. You were supposed to save her from swooning
BootyCutie · 18-21, F
There are public showers at Ma'ili Beach Park in Oahu, with vents you can see through. I'd visit my cousin in Hawaii, during school vacation breaks. I'm the girl on left:

We’d climb up the outside wall and watch the surfers take showers. They'd typically stop surfing about 45 minutes after sunset:

OMFG: The site of all those naked boys got us super horny. Sometimes we'd masturbate while watching them. We'd hang on the outside wall, and “hook” our toes into cracks, grab the ledge with one hand and rub to orgasm with our free hand.

I was just 13 and she was 16. We weren’t virgins and on two occasions, we both got too horny. We lured the surfers into sex. It was already after sunset and we snuck inside, quickly removed our bikinis, and surprised them with BJs. They paid us back with intercourse. I remember trying to balance on one foot, with two surfers inside me (front and back) more surfers waiting their turn. I used my ENTIRE body to please them - hands, fingers, toes, lips, V + A, etc.

It was an amazing experience

Imaginethat · 56-60, M
Mmmmm...such a hot experience![@590576,BootyCutie]
WineandDine · 31-35, M
That is a very sexy experience. I wish mine went a similar direction![@590576,BootyCutie]
Krishh · 41-45, M
That is a thrilling excitement
SomeMichGuy · 46-50, M
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I Have Been Spied On And Liked It
A group for people who found out that someone was spying on them (in a naughty way or not) and liked it.
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