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I Don't Like Bullying

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I Don't Like Bullying my bf calls me fag and tells everyone I'm a hog,and now most of his friends family thinks the same..i have tried some things...I'm particularly nice and friendly w them and they still secretly hates me...and keeps it to themselves wh...
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31-35, F
+ 0 7 replies 28 views Dec 26, 2017 |
I Don't Like Bullying
I was bullied since my childhood , one year after another, i learned that bullying is a natural way to have fun for people who have gut , dignity and a good sense of what is funny, infact bullies only pick on certain people , they know who deserve re...
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31-35, F
+ 2 2 replies 9 views May 4, 2017 |
I Don't Like Bullying
I would never call any one name's or bully anyone never have never will I think its disgusting.
36-40, F
+ 5 0 replies 3 views Oct 9, 2016 |
I Don't Like Bullying
I've been bullied in both my minor and adult lives. Bullying is so not cool. Mean people suck.
36-40, F
+ 0 3 replies 0 views Nov 17, 2014 |
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I Don't Like Bullying
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