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I Am An American

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Can there be a prototypical American? Is such a thing even desirable? After all the United States is composed of every imaginable ethnicity and nationality and one does not want to favor one group because if we are not in the Age of Aquarius,we are in the age of diversity,which is good.

After giving this matter the grave deliberation so anathema to my little Irish-American soul,I think I've found the perfect candidate..Bugs Bunny!
For instance Bugs is unfazed by unfavorable circumstance ,is at heart a pragmatist yet embodies a raw natural sense of justice,and when all else fails he relies on his wits to overcome life's pesky travails.
Here he shows how to deal with unpleasant,mean spirited folks


Now you might think this merely shows a lack of a proper education I demur...what Bugsy has done is to create a moment of cognitive dissonance which leads to a fatal paralysis in the minds of his oppugnents while he blithely changes locales.
But given no choice Bugs will fight like a beast! Now beasts do not slug it out like two palookas in a ring but rather use their inherent talents,in this case guile and speed to vanquish their foes (see cartoon below)
At heart respectful yet irreverent he models a live and let live attitude toward others,a laissez- faire happytalist,to coin a phrase.
While many get their jollies deeming Yanquis ignorant,Bugs is merely
"Selectively aware"!!!
He is also prudent in so many ways,his diet of carrots,for instance is not born out of an unseemly trendiness but rather the sane down to Earth maxim,"A slow over weight rabbit is a dead duck!
Furthermore despite a touch of grey he is young at heart,and with his ears you knoww he's a great listener.
In conclusion,he possesses one thing every person in the 21st century needs a desperately:a sense of humor! Believe you me,that in itself speaks volumes
No bunnies,Fudd-y duddys or other creature were harmed during this story,sensibilities..maybe
56-60, M
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May 31, 2018
SW User
They are called Native Americans! Lol
bookerdana · 56-60, M
[@702511,Azificair] bugs is indigenous~!
SW User
[@335376,bookerdana] probably a comparison with cartoon characters is quite accurate?
bookerdana · 56-60, M
[@702511,Azificair] Sure!
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I Am An American
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