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I Love People

Today I learned something really important. My computer science class had just ended, and I decided to head over to this building on my campus that has an old piano in it. The room is almost always empty, and just slightly hard. For someone like me who can be pretty antisocial at times, it's like a dream come true. It's a quiet place to do something I love without anyone else around.

However, this time I only got to play for a little while before I was interrupted. Two elderly people came in the door. I stopped playing and looked at them. I knew a class was starting soon, so I was about to clean up my stuff and get out when the woman spoke. "Keep playing" she encouraged me. Slightly put on the spot, I sat down to play. I picked out a song and got ready to play. I was really nervous, but I played it pretty well. When I was done, they told me it was beautiful.

Suddenly, I realized how happy this made me. I mostly play at home, and I almost never perform for anyone. My dad and brother don't often tell me I'm doing well or give me any encouragement (probably cause they've heard everything I play 50 million times), so to hear someone say that I was doing well really lit up my heart.

Then something else happened. The woman asked if I could play amazing grace. I quickly brought of some sheet music for it, and nodded. I was sight reading, but I knew I'd be okay. I played it slowly and softly. It was such a simple arrangement, but the notes sounded really beautiful in the quiet room.

I finished, and the woman thanked me. Suddenly, she stopped for a second, and told me that her mother, at age 115 had died this morning. I felt so emotional all of a sudden, as I realized why she had asked me to play amazing grace. I couldn't even get out an "I'm sorry". She thanked me one more time. All I could do is say "thanks for listening". On that slightly awkward note, I took my stuff and left as more people entered the room for the upcoming class.

Quite frankly, the whole thing has shaken me up a little. I was surprised, happy but also sad. Thinking on it, I realized that more than anything, I wanted to play more piano. I haven't been keeping up with my piano playing lately, as I've been a little depressed, but this whole event made me realize how valuable music is to me and the people I can play it for.

More any anything, I learned that I also need people to keep my inspiration. Even in activities other than piano. The gold medal athlete may win the race on his own, but there's a huge team of family, coaches and other people behind him. The professional author might write a book on his own, but behind him are his fans and editors.
And me, a pianist, need people behind me to if I am to play as best as I can. Even strangers like the ones that made me so emotional today. They made the music feel just a little more alive than usual.
God, this made me emotional as well just reading it. I can tell this experience will impact you a lot and it is quite inspiring.

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