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I Play Yugioh

I am a long time player of 15+ years and I find enjoyment in just about every format. Even if I don't find the interest in competitive okay, there is usually some form of deck I can play that I can find a way to win with. Unfortunately, this current season I'm struggling to find a way to enjoy and love my hobby....the true- Draco/ true- king deck is just so hard to play against if your not also playing it...I mean I played in the dragon ruler spell book format and I found a way to play rouge well enough to enjoy now it feels like I lose before I even draw...unless I become a sheep and play the same thing as everyone else...and at that point I'm not enjoying it , I'm just going through the motions. Any suggestions? I want to play but not hate playing anything that's not the tier 1 deck this format.
ShatteredHeart · 22-25, T
I love yugioh ^-^ I run multiple decks. Blue eyes deck, magician deck, and a blue eyes/red eyes deck. And yes I know this post Is quite random XD but it's nice to see another yugioh enthusiast
Yohkomori · 31-35, M
@ShatteredHeart Im always down to talk YGO, even still. It's still my eternal hobby. :) If you want to swap theory-oh just pm me.
ShatteredHeart · 22-25, T
@Yohkomori Sure thing :3
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
Continue playing your deck, maybe touch it up if you can, there's lots of enjoyment in finally winning with a good set of principles. :) i played some of it when i was a kid, i didnt understand how it worked however

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