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I Always Feel Like I Am Not Good Enough For Anyone
It's a nagging constant feeling that I have that I'm never good enough for anyone. Low self esteem and a serious lack of confidence definitely messes a person up.
Indeed they do, but you must take control and raise those yourself.
mattywheels · 31-35, M
Very true. Some days that's a lot easier to do than other days unfortunately
Yes, that's the game of life though eh?
mattywheels · 31-35, M
It definitely is for sure
Confidence and self esteem come with experience, I had the same problem when I was younger, so I went out into the world and faced it head on, may years later, after being a stay at home dad and isolated from the grown up world a bit, I feel the same lack of confidence again, I don't think Im good enough for my future wife at the moment, Im fighting it though, I know it can be overcome with a bit of mindfulness and some hardcore socialising, go out and have fun, immerse yourself in the world, forget about yourself and enjoy other people, you'll get there, and so will I. I always remember that as empathetic as most people are, they also don't give a fuck about how I look or how I act, too involved in themselves to notice.
mattywheels · 31-35, M
Thank you. I definitely need to get out there more, take more chances and try and just do what I gotta do and hope that it all comes back to me. It's hell sometimes.
I have the opposite I think I'll never find anyone good enough for me either way it's a problem
mattywheels · 31-35, M
Definitely a problem yeah.

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I Always Feel Like I Am Not Good Enough For Anyone
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