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I Love To Party

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So, there was a bonfire party a few weeks ago and it was amazing!!! There was like well I've 30 of us there this time.

Cops stormed and shut it down after like five hours. That kinda sucked. But naturally everyone scattered and of course most of us got arrested.

There's another one on Friday but idk if i wanna go yet, i might avoid it and see about inviting a few mates down to mind for a few drinks.

Idk yet. We will see.

Don't think I'll be going to another bonfire party, too much hassle with the fuzz.
22-25, T
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Sep 16, 2018
dunpender · 80-89, M
You need guidance in the use of the English language. "THERE WAS LIKE WELL" god give me strength, "THERE WERE" ignoramus.
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I Love To Party
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So, there was a bonfire party a few weeks ago and ... | I Love To Party | Similar Worlds