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I Love Harry Potter

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What do we do when we cant sleep? We watch Harry Potter for the 150th time :)
26-30, F
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Sep 2, 2017
Triumph7026-30, M
Definitely one of my favorites! Good choice 馃構
bkhoop0126-30, F
[@594022,Triumph70] I'm working my way through them now. I'm on Prisoner of Azkaban. Havent had much time to read lately though.
Triumph7026-30, M
Nice! I've only read the first book so far. But I also have little time to read! Sucks 馃槪[@594252,bkhoop01]
bkhoop0126-30, F
So far they're very good!
Starsof626-30, F
How about fantastic beast
bkhoop0126-30, F
I could never get tired of harry potter lol. But yeah its nice to see things in the magic world from a different time amd perspective.
Starsof626-30, F
[@594252,bkhoop01] yea the fantastic beast will be 3 or 4 movie's if I remember right. And I hope they do the curse child after a few year's. Bring back the Harry and the other 2. But much older
bkhoop0126-30, F
That would be cool
DarkSky51-55, M
I watch Friends!
DarkSky51-55, M
[@576182,Thecircle00] I watch it almost daily..
Starsof626-30, F
[@587991,DarkSky] I seen it on TV more time's then I can count. So now I started on Netflix. I think I am on season 2 now
bkhoop0126-30, F
That's a good one too! Love Friends.

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I Love Harry Potter
Escape to a world between fantasy and reality, where anything is possible. Welcome to Harry Potter.
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