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Everyone stop this crap of protesting and stuff about Trump. Nobody did shit when Obama got elected. Stand up and help your country stop complaining and get your assessment to work. Schools cancelled school because of it and the kids aren't old enough to vote. All this proves is we need to get rid of the participation trophies all kids get and make them realize life is tuff you DON'T always win. Get over it people.
46-50, M
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Pherick · 36-40, M
WTF is about the participation trophies? Did kids demand these trophies? No, if anything its your generations fault for giving the trophies to them!!!

People aren't protesting because Trump won, they are protesting and making sure people know that they will not accept Trump for how he ran. That if he wants to govern us ALL, he needs to drop the racism, the bigotry, and misogyny. Though with his recent cabinet and strategizer picks, that doesn't seem to be happening.
Doctrble · 46-50, M
Glad you believe everything the democratic news wants you to believe
Pherick · 36-40, M
@Doctrble: What the hell does that even mean? It means you have no logical rebuttal so you blame things on "democratic news" whatever the hell that is.

Form a logical opinion backed up by some facts or shut up.
Doctrble · 46-50, M
@Pherick: all the news media has said all along Hillary was going to win. After electon mist of all news media people sat at their little round tables and asked well what went wrong how did she loose? It doesn't matter who is president Americans need to work togather to make things work
Ronin8510 · 31-35, M
I concur!
SW User
Obama didn't run a campaign based on fear and hate, people are scared, and hopefully (if they want) they'll become more involved in the political process.
painpuppy · 51-55, M
I read an interesting thing in Facebook recently........"Wanting Donald Trump to fail is like wanting the pilot of that airliner you are on crash and burn"
As an Australian, on awards days at school, kids get certificates and accolades just for attending an contributing in class. And it looks exactly the same as the ones that mean something, like displaying effective leadership, an excellent achievement or some such. They get a "reward for mediocrity & failing". Which then gives a sense of entitlement. OMG!!!

If the American system is anything like this, then no wonder so many of the Left-wing crazies feel so upset. They didn't get what they want and feel that some of their un-earned entitlements are being taken away from them. Poor Dears
Pherick · 36-40, M
If by "un-earned entitlements" you mean equal rights fr minorities, LGBT Communities, women, immigrants, and people with disabilities, then yes we are slightly worried those equal rights being taken away.
painpuppy · 51-55, M
@Pherick: sorry. as I said, I am an Australian, here we have a social-safety net that is rampantly abused my, mmmmm, (not sure how what word to use here as we use slang to describe them) For Example, a single mother of 2 kids at school gets $1200 a fortnight from the govt to stay home and look after them. People make a career out of fleecing the gov for cash. Girls get pregnant so they don't have to get a job. Instead of being a "Saftey-net" it has become and entitlement.

There are things about the US that leave me gob-smacked. Like your minimum wages is pathetic, no universal health care! How many of your citizens are in the poverty trap, working hard and getting low paid jobs, but can't get to a doctor if they are sick. I go to the Philippines regularly, it is the same there.

Minority groups need to be treated with respect, but not molly-coddled. There is a case here where a gay guy got randomly handed a pink cup-cake at morning tea. He took offense, didn't say anything to the lady who gave it to him, but reported her for harassment. WTF Almost ruined her career. Now that Govt dept has to run special courses on how to be sensitive to LGBIT feelings.

All human beings are people, and deserve to be treated with respect. But some times the minority groups just want to much and contribute to little.

PS: As an observer, I do not like Trump, nor did I like Clinton. A country with so many 100s of millions, surely you can find better people to be president?

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