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My maternal cousin, his wife, and his newborn son at the time sent my Foster Mother a mug they'd made for my Foster Mother and she broke it purposely. I'm afraid my Cousin may think that I broke it purposely because I refused to be a Bride's maid at their wedding. I didn't want to be a bride's maid because I was too ugly and too fat and I still am. My cousin and his Mother must hate me because they don't pay me any mind...

My Foster Mother secretly has her boyfriend's family sexually abusing me and drugging me and no one knows anything about this matter and they don't know that I suffer seizures and may be diabetic. If my family members come over to spend nights, my Foster Mother's boyfriend's family would inject me with their insulin to mislead no one would know of my seizures. My neighborhood knows, but none of these people have ever called the police, even if my Foster Mother's boyfriend's family functions on listening devices because they know exactly when I'm having seizures and come in at that exact time. These people hate me, they are unsupportive of me. My Foster Mother's boyfriend's family drugged me so badly I have brain damage and suffer Echolalia as cause of the damage, which causes me to say things impulsively, without even thinking of them and these people, my entire neighborhood, are all afraid of me.

My Foster Cousin's babysitter for her baby daughter once asked me if I wanted to get with her nephew because he doesn't have a green card. I didn't know how to believe it, but then she said, "you only have to work, you don't have to cook, we don't want you to cook, we'll do all the cooking"...This clarified everything for me...This babysitter even has a Daughter who wrote a wonderful book, so really and truly, I can't say anything to these people.
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Nov 17, 2016
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