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So, debt collectors are calling my cell phone...I missed my credit payments for one month and I've already been reported to a debt collection agency.

I owe a whopping total of $2000 on three credit cards. I've filed bankruptcy in the past and I've never really grasped anything from my lesson. I'm currently being drugged and sexually abused by my Foster Mother's boyfriend's family in life and because of these Monsters, I've failed at my every job and was unable to pursue a proper education. This occurred not only because of my Foster Mother's Indian Hindu family from India and her Caucasian boyfriend's family, but because they drugged me to cause me to fall asleep in my every class and had me misdiagnosed with the worst kind of mental illness there is, so when I complain of physical abuse, they'll say that I caused it on myself. They also set me up, big time. They had me misdiagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, so it may seem like I hurt myself when they're hurting me and that it may seem like I am constantly hallucinating when I do suffer seizures. My neighbors may all be afraid and they have never made a report against these Monsters being that it is an entire family against me and that they all function on Listening Devices....(they know when I'm having seizures and come into the premises the same exact time I fall asleep, but am having seizures, fits).

I only get $700 a month, which my Foster Mother takes, but gives me only $200 out of and I suffer OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER when it comes to shopping, even though I have hardly any money. I believe I have some sort of disease in my body due to all of the drugging. My pupils dilate and retract in medium light and I choke and cough after every meal, especially knowing that I drink while I eat. On certain occasions, when I eat without drinking at the same time, I don't choke or cough. My hospital test results have been hacked by the Indian hacker, whom my Foster Mother pretends not to know or even have any relation to. How else can her boyfriend's family drug me and I'm tested negative for any ailments? Years ago, when I had a job, my Foster Mother used to take my hard earned money, which she bullied me for, just to pay her boyfriend's family my entire two week paycheck. I only received $20 per paycheck for transportation to and from work, otherwise, the bully bitch took every penny. She even left the money on her dresser for them to take. She'd already left for the day to go to Work and I left later on, the $200 was still on her dresser. When I came back, the money was gone and when I'd questioned her about coming home during the day, she said she hadn't. Who the hell took that $200? I worked for absolutely nothing, only to give her my hard earnings for her to pay her boyfriend's family to reward them for mutilating me and to continue to do so. They even costed me my reputation as a bank teller, causing me to miscarry and mess up a transaction which costed me my job. My Foster Mother's Indian Hindu family from India hack Windows computers and I believe that they hacked every computer I'd ever used to cause me to fail at not only my job at the toy store, being that only my computer had internal errors on scans and ran on Windows, but at my bank job as well and this is why I was terminated from my bank job.

I applied for a seasonal stocking job at Burlington Coat Factory, but if I miraculously get the job and they decide to keep me after the holidays, I will refuse it because my Foster Mother will take every penny I make to pay her boyfriend's entire family of all ages.

Today, I have nothing and I'm fearing the debt collectors. It's an uneasy thing for me to rationalize anything being that I cannot think step by step, break down things, or even think of repercussion. I can't have a job, no one is going to hire me. I have absent seizures 90% of the time, pertaining to the fact that anything people tell me I would stare blankly at them and can't remember a darned thing I am presently being told by them. I can't even learn. I'm not even pretty enough to have a boyfriend who'd pay my bills like many women out there, but I'd rather be independent, which is impossible because I have nowhere to stay, I know of no one, and no one truly loves me, I can't even find a job. I'm a dependent on someone who murdered my real Mother over the Indian Caste System upon stealing her identity to look exactly like her, as they'd stolen my parents' house keys to drug them apart. I can't even get the police on this woman because if I do, I'll have to be penalized by my own blood family, all of whom she'd misled by getting an identity change to look like my real Mother, whom she murdered, right after. If you think about it, this all occurred prior to 9/11, so anything was possible at the time. Plus, I'm sure we all know about the Windows Computer Hacker by now...

This may seem bizarre and unbelievable, but people, there are Genocidal Monsters out there who hate their own...

My whole life is a chaotic mess and nothing but a horrible, fatal mistake...
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But how about your story writing, did you start already ? 馃檪
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I will soon... 鉂わ笍

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