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Black Lives MATTER
22-25, M
28 replies
Jun 29, 2020
Lostpoet · 31-35, M
Loophole. You didn't say [b]all[/b] black lives matter.
Fernie · F
[@585989,Lissa] Apparently I'm annoying YOU...I don't see the humor in this post so I'm annoying you because YOU see the humor.....trump supporters say crap like this.
Lissa · 31-35, F
[@331316,Fernie] don't flatter yourself. I just think that you are easily annoyed by most things.
Lostpoet isn't even a Trump supporter.
Fernie · F
[@585989,Lissa] I'm never easily has to be ignorant people. What does "don't flatter yourself " even mean? Makes no sense here
yeronlyman · 46-50, M
yeronlyman · 46-50, M
[@1127776,Gerdesalv] you agree?
Gerdesalv · 22-25, M
[@18749,yeronlyman] Getting there..
Gerdesalv · 22-25, M
Miklee02 · 46-50, F
Of course they do
Starchild1983 · 36-40, F
Yes they do
JAYS21 · 51-55, M
I want the NBA to set aside positions for white guys. NBA must be 90% black
Fernie · F
Yes, they do...they don't matter MORE than any other life...they matter as much as anyone else's life. Racists like to twist the meaning to suit their dispicable need to remain in charge. By the way...there is only ONE RACE!
IN THE FIRST half of the 19th century, one of America’s most prominent scientists was a doctor named Samuel Morton. Morton lived in Philadelphia, and he collected skulls.
Morton believed that people could be divided into five races and that these represented separate acts of creation. The races had distinct characters, which corresponded to their place in a divinely determined hierarchy. Morton’s “craniometry” showed, he claimed, that whites, or “Caucasians,” were the most intelligent of the races. East Asians—Morton used the term “Mongolian”—though “ingenious” and “susceptible of cultivation,” were one step down. Next came Southeast Asians, followed by Native Americans. Blacks, or “Ethiopians,” were at the bottom. In the decades before the Civil War, Morton’s ideas were quickly taken up by the were quickly taken up by the defenders of slavery. defenders of slavery.
“He had a lot of influence, particularly in the South,” When Morton died, in 1851, the Charleston Medical Journal in South Carolina praised him for “giving to the negro his true position as an inferior race.”
So, some madman decided who was superior by the size of human skulls he aquired in reprehensible is not true. ONE RACE ONLY!!!!
Gerdesalv · 22-25, M
[@331316,Fernie] Humanity
Tres13 · 51-55, M
I can’t breathe
Gerdesalv · 22-25, M
[@476434,Tres13] 😖
Yes they do, facts are facts .... they have gone through enough. Time for change ♥️
Quetzalcoatlus · 41-45, M
Yes they do

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