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What is going on? SW has always made it difficult to find out what friends have said in reply to posts. Now it seems to have become impossible. Why? Why weren’t we consulted? Why weren’t we told in advance. Why does SW have such contempt for its members? Or am I (I hope) missing something?
Nuno · Admin
The Replies page is under the "Whiteboard" page now.
Profile -> Whiteboard -> Replies.

[quote]Why does SW have such contempt for its members?[/quote]

Have we been that bad to members so far?
Nuno · Admin
[@9450,ArtieKat] Fully understand and agree with that. We try our best to be as close to users as possible, and that's the reason we're here replying to you and listening to your feedback :)
ArtieKat · 61-69, M
[@2,Nuno] :-)
MartinII · 61-69, M
[@2,Nuno] Thank you for your response. I have looked at your various posts under “Admin announcements”, and they are indeed helpful. The trouble is that members will only see such announcements a) if they happen to be online when the announcements or replies to them are posted or b) if they check the Admin announcements group regularly, which, I’m afraid, is not my idea of fun! I think you need a means of alerting all members to such announcements. An obvious possibility would be to send an automatic personal message to all members saying something like “Please see important message under Admin announcements”.

You haven’t responded to my other point. To recap, on EP we could see a single page listing all contributions, both posts and comments, which friends had made in the public forums. It was easy to scroll down and stop to read anything that interested us. On SW we have to access each friend’s profile individually to see whether they have been online and what they have said, which is quite laborious. I have raised this point six or seven times since SW opened but have never received a specific explanation of why the SW facility can’t be replicated here. It would be good if you could provide one now.
Platoscave · F
I also first found that really frustrating and then realized this: They are here to make money off this project. That's why they do it. More people will get active and poke around if we/they know LESS what is going on with one particular person...God forbid we find a little circle quickly and only use this place to communicate with them and never mind the chance to make money for the boss.

Maybe they call it "churning"... I have heard that word used in similar contexts.

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