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So the past month or so ive found myself being swallowed by the endless pit that is the abyss that claims so many victims. But today i had a thought and I'm gonna share it with you all..

Ok, i feel like, moodwise, I'm getting worse. I feel like me, but not the me that everyone else likes and wants. I feel like in the process of growing up, i lost sense of the real me and that's why i got so low.

The fact that i felt better after dying my hair and i feel better sitting in my hoodie with the hood up I wonder if i should start embracing the old me again coz, i have a feeling that high school Kyle, is the real Kyle.

And since dying my hair and giving in a little more to my darker personality each day, i feel less like I need to cut and more like i need to write again.

I hope some of you can relate to this and hopefully figure out yourselves.....

I love you guys

Stay safe guys xx
22-25, T
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Sep 25, 2018
I actually have been feeling the same. Almost like i am finally finding myself. Its confusing but the more you embrace what makes you feel comfortable the better you will feel. So best of luck.
nomercyfortheweak · 22-25, T
[@3906,HisokaMorow] it took me a lot to figure it out but once you do, you no longer have to try to fit in coz you just do
nomercyfortheweak · 22-25, T
[@595444,FearfulHarmonyReborn] what's up? Bit too deep for you're liking coming from someone 'so young with little to no life experience' ?
[@608561,NeedsGuidance] You creep me out
nomercyfortheweak · 22-25, T
[@595444,FearfulHarmonyReborn] why?
CoffeeFirst · 51-55, F
Figuring out who you are is a lifelong process. Best wishes!
nomercyfortheweak · 22-25, T
[@372602,CoffeeFirst] be that as it may I think ive figured enough out for now to get by but thanks all the same and i hope to learn more stuff about myself as time goes on
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I Have Something to Say
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So the past month or so ive found myself being swa... | I Have Something to Say | Similar Worlds