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I Have Something to Say
As August gasp its last breath, going back into storage to wait for next year, I sit with memories of why I like autumn so much. I love the crisp morning air, the colors of leaves changing to oranges, gold and browns. The weather is shifting from blistering heat to more moderate cooler days. Soon we can stop complaining about how hot the days are and start complaining about how cold they are.

This is the time of year retailers begin to push Christmas, and you can see decorations on their shelves even before Labor Day has come and gone. I like Christmas and enjoy watching the little ones as they discover the mysteries hidden inside tape boxes and wrapped in paper and ribbon. I would just like to wait a little closer to the actual date. We focus so much on Christmas we skip past Thanksgiving with little mention except for excessive eating and football.

I don't think we even get the point to Thanksgiving most of the time. The pilgrims were a starving group if not for the generosity of the Indians who shared with them, food and knowledge. Winters were hard and food was scarce, but there is something heartwarming about a family gathered around. a table sharing a meal. Those days of families eating and talking together are slowly dying, replaced by the steady gain in technology that keeps so many glued to their cell phones. How much life do you miss while you are captured in the virtual world displayed on that tiny screen?

(C) 2016 Edward York

The air was crisp as I awoke,
The sun not yet awake.
I could feel the chill in the air,
With every step that I would take.

Cooler days aren't far away,
As summer fades away.
And Autumn gold will be replaced,
By Winter's white and gray

Winter is more a family time,
As children stay inside.
Gathered around an evening meal,
There is nowhere else to hide.

This is the time memories are made,
Kitchen smells surround us all.
With holidays like Thanksgiving,
And Christmas in the mall.

There will be Friday night football games,
Wrapped up with coats, gloves and boots.
Cheering for our favorite team,
With hollers screams and hoots.

While bands are marching on the field,
We have to stand in line.
To get the gourmet treats like hot dogs,
And nachos for us to dine.

Hot Chocolate becomes a real good friend,
All steamy in a mug,
We just move marshmallows aside,
So we can take a chug.

The memories made this time of year,
Have found a place to stay,
They have crawled inside our mind,
And will never fade away.

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SmartKat · 56-60, F
I usually get sick and tired of summer by the middle of July.
lasergraph · 70-79, M
[@64306,SmartKat] Autumn is my favorite, time for rest, maybe I am just a sucker for golden leaves.
Peaches · F
[@1319,lasergraph] You're not the only one!💛🍂😊
Peaches · F
Autumn is my favorite time of year!😊🍂🍃🍁If there is any "life" going on around me I don't stay on line.👀 Beautiful poem, love it. 💓

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