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I Hate My Mom a Lot
To those who know I live with my aunt since my birth mom obviously didn't want me. After many years of never showing up to my birthday never talking to me and saying she loved me. She reers her ugly head out just to get money From my aunt (new mom). And get this she didn't even know I was a grown man she still thought I was a child I refused to see her. In her eyes me being born ruined her chances at doing anything she wanted to do (Drugs ). She would have ruined my life had my aunt not intervened. that woman will never be my mother in my eyes I don't care what people say she is undeserving of that title. Every birthday I had with my aunt she never wished me well hell she didn't even call and all attempts in vain. I say this because she came to my homestead today not to check up on me or see how I was doing but to get money from me. Making up some story about how she was in the hospital ha pathological liar. I didn't answer the door and I don't regret my choice.
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WiltingRose · 22-25, F
Similar situation with my sister. Our aunt is her mum. She adopted her as child, because mum didn't want her.

You should ask your mum aunt to tell your mum to stop coming around, or at least while you are home. Your aunt HAS to know how you feel of her showing up.
SladetheMentor · 22-25, M
Kate - I have a screen door so I can hear people talking on the other side plus she has a big mouth.
SladetheMentor · 22-25, M
WiltingRose - I made it clear to my birth mom that I didn't want to see her around here anymore plus she would give me that whole I'm your mother line which I would dismiss
Oh what a sad story. But good that your aunt is there for you
SladetheMentor · 22-25, M
Chole - my aunt is. More deserving of the title mom then she was my aunt truly cared about. me.
KandiGhostcat · 18-21, F
It's cute that your aunt took you in. Much better then you going to a foster home. But it's sad that your biological mom didn't come to visit you or anything when you were growing up. But you have someone that's your aunt and mommy at the same time. And you love her.
SladetheMentor · 22-25, M
Kandi - true my bio mom only cared about drugs and money not me in the slightest.
Silverwings · 61-69, F
Slade, it is too bad that this has happened to you, but try to not hate her, hate is a very strong emotion, and will do you more harm than her. Try to forgive........but protect yourself from her selfishness. She is probably acting the way she was treated as a child herself, too many times, things like this are repeated, I sure hope you do not make this same mistake. God be with you.

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I Hate My Mom a Lot
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