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I Believe In Quality Not Quantity Of True Friends

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There was a party last night at my friend Lino's home, an apartment just off Via Argentieri in Bolzano-Bozen, where I had stayed a few nights during my university days there. Perhaps disagreeably he had extended his invites with the words,no cases of covid virus in family or friends. I guess it was very much a self preservation thing, as well as a 'not let's fan the flames,' kind of thing, we are all going to have to accept somehow.

It was a conservative gathering, mostly singles, nine of us and our host. There wasn't a sit down meal, just some canap茅s with plenty of booze and mixers for cocktails. My first drink was a Tom Collins which was very refreshing.

I had had a day on the estate, mostly with the livestock, and I had taken my time soaking in a hot bath, the mixture of the scent of goats and finishing my period, washed away, my mind refreshed too from that least favourite of happenances.

I was deliberate in my dress for the party. As I planned it during the day I had decided on a little black dress, a classic, and little it was too! At first I'd thought an orange lace g string with it, then I decided on a dark blue lace string, but I chose to wear a purple one in the end.

I enjoyed my impact in arriving! Lino saw me and said: "La festa pu貌 iniziare ora perch茅 猫 qui!" Which made me smile, maybe a little blush on my cheeks. He took my hand and turned me around in a little swing, as if we were dancing. Yes, Lino and I have a little history, from a few years back, and we remain very good friends.

In fact most of who were there are still among my closest confederates and friends in the city, and to be together again meant a great deal to all of us! That we each had been spared from the virus in our immediate family and circle of friends was astonishing to us but we were there celebrating our friendship rather than the safety from the virus, because it might only be a question of time for any one of us!

I enjoyed a little caviar, and a few more cocktails before being driven the short distance home again to Eppan. It was a lovely reminder of life, life before with good friends, the things which we might have lost sight of because the pandemic has shut down the world 馃寧
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May 23, 2020
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Laughman41-45, M
Absolutely. Plus there are friends for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I'd rather have a couple of decent close friends rather than 100 mediocre or superficial ones.
bikegenius56-60, M
Truly a gathering that fed the soul and body
geoam151-55, M
It sounds like you had a wonderful time.
geoam151-55, M
[@1114330,Bc8627] that is good. I think more people need a good time like that
Bc862722-25, F
[@100938,geoam1] I totally agree, but they are captured by statistics and probabilities
geoam151-55, M
[@1114330,Bc8627] yes that is true
Firecat3361-69, M
Refreshing tale for the times.
Hopefully, your youth ,distance, and hygiene will spare any of you the agony of the virus.
ninjavu46-50, M
That's a nice rendition of your evening, and glimpse into your life and outlook on life. Thanks.

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I Believe In Quality Not Quantity Of True Friends
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There was a party last night at my friend Lino... | I Believe In Quality Not Quantity Of True Friends | Similar Worlds