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Drunk at the Resort

Dear Readers,

I resubmit here a story I posted a decade back on some sites. I safely assume you were not around then at those sites and have not read these stories. If you have, I apologise for the duplication. Most of my stories are variations of my personal experience so they might be somewhat repetitive ;-). Happy Reading!


We had been married for the last 7 years and things were beginning to feel a bit stale. So we took time out from our jobs and embarked on a vacation to an exotic locale by the sea. The holiday atmosphere soon caught up with us and my wife, who usually says a firm "no" to drinks became more tolerant.

I noticed that not only was she getting slightly intoxicated by the mildly alcoholic drinks she was consuming, she was also getting a bit distracted by the semi clad honeymooners and other romantic couples lying all over the beach. This was strange because she is usually a very cool headed person who ignores and dislikes such public expressions of emotion and passion. But as I said, the festive air of the place was beginning to have an effect on us. The nights would be intimate and the days would pass off lazing in the sunny beach or strolling in the market. I could not help comment on my wife's dressing which seemed to be getting bolder as the days progressed. She usually dressed conservatively, but now she was wearing shorts, a flowery top, with a matching hat and dark glasses. I suspected the glasses were to safely spy on the cuddling couples all over the beach.

By day 4, she was drinking almost as much as me, though her choice was a milder brew. That evening, we returned to the resort late and requested for dinner in the room. I went into the bath for a quick wash before the food arrived. On coming out, I was surprised to see the room-boy already serving food in the semi-dark room. What surprised me even more was that my wife was casually removing her clothes, blissfully oblivious of the boy. I glanced at the mirror by the wall and saw the boy was watching her through it. He did not seem to notice me and was killing time fumbling with the dishes, his eyes fixed on the mirror.

I again looked at my wife. She had by now removed her tee-shirt over her head and was having some trouble with the shirt getting tangled in the hair clips. With her hands up and her face covered in the dress, she offered a glorious view of the rest of her body. The low jeans seemed to slip even lower as her arms were raised. The band of the dark panty was visible all around. The milky white midriff was shapely for her age and seemed even trimmer in her present posture. The full breasts were encased in a white lacy bra.

I again glanced at the boy. He was bolder now and had stopped fiddling with the dishes. Standing erect, he stared hypnotized at the mirror. Although I was getting a side view of her, I knew that he was getting a full frontal in the mirror. Seeking to avoid an awkward situation, I back-stepped into the bathroom and quietly closed the door leaving a small gap. I turned on the tap to drown any other noises I might accidentally make. Suddenly I was feeling aroused. Seeing the boy watch my wife undress should normally have angered me. But on the contrary, I was so excited that time seemed to stand still.

While I pondered on my next move I found myself involuntarily feeling my organ through the wrapped towel. And it was getting erect. Embarrassed at my own condition, I pushed my organ down and strode out of the bath. She was now stepping out of her jeans. As she turned around and bent down to pick it up, I realized he must be getting a grand view of her ample bottom. I snatched my eyes away from her and looked at him. But he was not there. The place was empty. I could not remember him going out past the bathroom door.

Anyway, relieved that the moment had ended, I quickly tiptoed to the door and bolted it. Slipping off the towel in my already aroused condition, I walked over to my drunken wife and unhooked her bra from behind. I turned her around to face the mirror. She was now only in her dark panties. I was completely nude. In the soft light, I could see her skin glow in a rich golden brown shade. I cupped her full breasts and squeezed gently. She moaned softly and leaned her head back towards me. I stared at the mirror reflection as she pushed her bosom forward and at the same time reached behind to grope my tool. Her eyes were half closed and her lips here sensuously open.

I suddenly noticed a movement near the curtains. He is here, that bastard! I thought. Feeling more aroused at being watched, I whispered to my wife that we were being watched by a room-boy. In her dazed condition, she assumed I was joking and giggled. I turned her towards me and rested one arm on her lower back. With the other, I beckoned the boy. Suddenly aware that he was caught, he jerked to attention and slowly came forward, cautious like cornered animal. I signaled him to strip. This surprised him even more and he glanced at the door. Seeing it closed and running out of choices, he quickly stepped out of his shirt, trousers and boxers. Looking very nervous and self conscious, he stepped to within touching distance. I could see that he had a big erect tool which he surely had been stroking while watching us from the dark. In a quick movement, I lowered her panty to her knees. He was now staring at her exposed bottom. Slowly pulling down the panty the rest of the way with my toes, I again whispered to her.

"What if a room-boy was to see you in this condition?"

Slowly pulling down the panty the rest of the way with my toes, I again whispered to her.

"What if a room-boy was to see you in this condition?"

"I would hug him tight and kiss him!" She giggled.

"What else would you do?"

"I would make him squeeze these!" she said cupping her big breasts.

Holding her firmly at the shoulders, I suddenly turned her around and pushed her at him. Both were caught by surprise. He reached out to stop her from falling. Both his hands got firmly positioned at her breasts. She embraced him around the neck to stop herself from falling as her knees gave way. Momentarily recovering from her daze due to the sudden events, she exclaimed:


"Yes Ma'am!" He mumbled, confused and embarrassed.

"So you two know each other!" I laughed. Walking to the table I made a stiff drink and walked back. She had managed to reach the bed, half stumbling, half hanging from his shoulder. She quickly tried to scurry under the covers as Jim stood nervously not knowing where to hold her. I laughed and handed him the drink.

"Drink it, Jim, you need it."

"Yes, Sir." It was gone in one gulp.

"Go make yourself another!" I grinned.

I stood near her feet and snatched away the sheet. She lay there in all her glory, making a futile attempt to hide her modesty. I laughed hoarsely and climbed the bed between her knees. Spreading them apart, I poked a finger in. She was already wet. The walk to the bed in Jim's arms had taken its toll. Holding her ankles up at my shoulder level, I thrust my hip forward. Rubbing her warm wetness aroused my cock even more. Resting her pretty long legs on my shoulders, I guided my throbbing cock smoothly into the inviting pussy opening. I gave it a couple of slow mild strokes, ensuring all was wet and well. Now clasping her thighs, I pushed in hard and deep till the very end of my shaft. She gasped at the sudden intrusion. Slowly withdrawing till the tip, I again rammed in to the hilt. I was rewarded with another gasp from her drunken mouth. I continued to pump rhythmically, watching her entire nude body jerk with my thrusts. Her breasts were swaying to my beat. Her eyes were half closed and her lips were open. Soon, Jim returned and sat by her side. He started fondling her breasts. He was clearly bolder now after the drink. Kneading one, he bent to suck the other. Watching him clawing my drunken wife drove me to the brink of my orgasm. She too could not manage the dual attack and was soon clawing the bed sheet and thrusting her entire body up. I climaxed. Pumping in the last drops, I heard her moan and felt her cunt squeeze my cock in an extended orgasm.

Gasping for breath, I withdrew and went to set myself a drink. Sipping slowly, I sat on the sofa with a limp tool and watching Jim gathering speed as he kissed her all over and hugged and stroked her entire body. She was getting aroused once again. She too was responding to his movements. As he rolled over her, I envied his well toned muscular body. She reached up and pulled him close. Both were in heat and oblivious of everything else. I finished my drink and got up to get a closer look. Soon, Jim had inserted himself into her already dripping cunt in the missionary position. He started pumping at a very high speed. His youth combined with his drunken mind and aroused body to create utter madness. Surprising, my wife was responding to him move for move. When he kissed, she kissed back. When he pinched, she pinched back. When he bit, she bit back. When he squeezed her boobs, she reached down and squeezed his firm butt. Jim returned to his rapid pumping and she started moaning. He muttered something I could not understand. She was speaking too. I strained to hear her.

"Fuck me! tear me!...yess...ooohh!"

I was shocked. Was it her? I had never heard these words in her lips in the last 7 years.

He seemed turned on even more by these words and gathered more speed. Both were sweating and their glistening bodies slid on each other in a mad frenzy. My hand was stroking myself. I watched shamelessly as Jim fucked my drunken wife to her second orgasm. She gripped him tightly as she entered what seemed to be a bigger orgasm than the first. She moaned loudly, pushing her head back, clawing his back with her nails, her legs straightening and stiffening. Suddenly his back stiffened too, his bums tightened and his thrusts turned slow and firm. He dropped on top of her, his face embedded in the hair by her neck. I walked rapidly back to the sofa. Picking some tissue, I stroked myself twice and drained out my second load.

When I awoke, it was morning and the sun was already up and pouring into the bed. My wife lay on her belly sprawled in the crumpled sheets. Jim was nowhere to be seen. She woke up with a bad headache and a sore body. There were red bruises on her breasts and thighs which I certainly had not inflicted. After a quick bath, she was in a hurry to return home. We packed up and left. She never mentioned a word of what happened the previous night. As we drove past the beach, I smiled. We would be back, I swore ;)
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A lovely hot story. Well written and well paced. It gave me wonderful mental images to work with 馃槈
WandererTony51-55, M
[@711887,LookingIn] Thanks. I thought it was perhaps too long for SW as I got negligible views and no comments 馃槄

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