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I Hate Being Lied to

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The truth is most of my thoughts are not very random at all. I am not surprised by this in any way. I have a hard time believing most people anyway and always presume I am being lied to. I come to expect it so the very thought of putting forth an emotion such as hate towards it seems kind of ridiculous in this situation of mine. Perhaps I chose the wrong group to write in but because I just wanted to write a few random things it really doesn't matter where I do it, I suppose.

Will you get upset by this? If so, don't respond, I don't know that I really care.

I used to think about dying all the time, I don't do that so much any more. Not that I have found anything interesting but just not thinkin bout it.

I want to be anywhere but here right now, here is not bad, just don't wanna b here.

I don't come to this site much, guess I doan want ta. It seems like when I am in a bad place in my head I come here more because I don't have folks I can be real with in my reality, which sucks most of tha time. I can't make sense of it but I guess my hormones ain't bad now cuz I seem ta b ok.
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Jun 22, 2016
Serenitree · F
It certainly doesn't upset me any, but I do find myself responding to that sentence, [quote]I don't know that I really care[/quote] in kind.

Strange, because, if you hadn't said that, I THINK I might have actually felt some kinship, but reading that, and pondering for a few minutes, I realize I don't really know how I might have responded, otherwise.

Sorry if this is garbled. I'm not sure exactly how to express it.

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I Hate Being Lied to
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