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I Believe That A Husband Should Be The Head Of The Home

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How I became an HOH
It started already as I was 14 years old.
I sneaked to look into one of my mother´s weekly ladies magazines, where there was an interview with a very attractive young Danish actress.
She admitted that she was tired of being single, and said that she wanted a man who, quote: “I can love and serve, and from whom I may expect to get a few slaps, if dinner is not on the table in time!”
I thought: “Wow, is it really possible to find a woman like that? That would really be the type of wife I would want!”
However, as I matured, I realised the this might not be very likely, and while the thought of what I later learned was called a DD marriage, never left me, my first marriage became a vanilla one.
Still, it was a happy marriage, my wife and I agreed on most things, not least how to raise our children, and it would not be fair to say that the lack of DD was the reason why our marriage did not last.
After all, we had 20 years together.
About two years after our divorce, I had the pleasure of “matching” my best friend with my female soulmate, and as those two entered into a DD-marriage, my yearning for a similar relationship returned with increasing strength.
Still, it took nearly a further decade, before I met my current wife, and all my wishes were fulfilled.
Now, we have been together for 10 years, and to this day, I enjoy to love her, protect her, care for her, quide her and rule over her, and I can say for a fact that she enjoys just as much to love, honour and obey me!
Looking back, it may have been just as good that it took a while before I became an HOH in real life, as I have learned that this requires a certain degree of maturity as well as life experience, empathy and responsibility to be a good Head of the Household.
However, my wife and I are happy now, and that is what counts!
61-69, M
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Jul 2, 2018
HOH.. yes..
This message was deleted.
Anna96 · 22-25, F
She's a lucky woman, sir.
PeterTheTherapist · 61-69, M
[@795106,Anna96] Thank you Anna
johnsonjelena45 · 51-55, F
PeterTheTherapist. I am proud of you.
I hope you share your secrets of success with men in real life- very confidential or to men you don't know.
PeterTheTherapist · 61-69, M
[@700728,johnsonjelena45] Thank you, jelena. I share my experience with those who are interested and seem qualified.
johnsonjelena45 · 51-55, F
[@6090,PeterTheTherapist] By qualified - it me that is LOVE - if you truly care about her.
Many more loving husband need to use spanking--God made the feminine bottom for a site to apply discipline. Discipline is an act of love-- an exercise in learning
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I Believe That A Husband Should Be The Head Of The Home
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